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Passengers – Movie review

Once in their lifetime !


Passengers - Movie review

There have been a spate of sci-fi movies and more so lately, but this is an absolute novel idea of space travel and romance.

Largely a three character space odessey, it plays out the feelings between the main protagonists under various circumstances. This one is really different from other space fantasies in its form, storyline and characterization.

There are no final frontiers to explore, no alien beings, no worp speed ships (i.e. super light speed, this ship travels @ a measely 50% of light speed) and no chrome plated fancy weapons, a simple tale mounted on a what if situation which is plausible in a not so distant future.

Passengers is about a magificient space ship Avalon which is carrying a crew of 258 and 5000 passengers from different walks of life and different skillsets with a promise of a new beginning and bright future.

The whole crew and passengers are in hibernation in their respective sleep pods for the journey that will take 120 years to reach their final destination.

This gigantic ship is on auto pilot and can diagnose and rectify any anomaly… But a malfunction and a passenger Jim Preston (Chris Pratt – casual as usual) is awoken by the ships computer within 30 years of travel.

He finds himself alone save for half a man in the bartending android Arthur (Michael Sheen – strictly for comic relief), all alone on this huge ship and with no one around for the next 90 years and one cant go back to hibernation what do you do?…

Exactly, Jim yearns for a companion and a year in his loneliness lays his eyes on the beautiful and intelligent Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence – without the flab and strikingly beautiful), against his better judgement he wakes her up, after a few interludes between the two, though both have totally different reasons to travel they are drawn to each other and shortly realise that they are made to be with one another…

Then a new twist in the tale.

One thing that strikes you about the movie is its excellent CGI, the ship is nothing like anything shown before in sci-fi movies, the designs are innovative and breathtakingly beautiful this itself is worth a viewing.

One particular scene stands out in the movie in which Aurora is caught in a water bubble due to sudden fall in gravity, that is excellently played out.

Some visuals are.also fantastic, the vacant space, and the scene in which the spaceship slingshots across a star.

To sum up its Adam and eve in space with a time window of 90 years before anyone would even bat an eyelid.

Click on the Thumbnails for ENLARGED PICS:

Jennifer Lawrence as Aurora Lane
Chris Pratt as Jim Preston
Michael Sheen as Arthur
Laurence Fishburne as Chief Gus Mancuso
Andy García as Captain Norris

Directed by Morten Tyldum
Produced by Neal H. Moritz, Stephen Hamel, Michael Maher, Ori Marmur
Written by Jon Spaihts
Music by Thomas Newman
Cinematography byRodrigo Prieto
Edited by Maryann Brandon
Production companies – LStar Capital, Village Roadshow Pictures, Wanda Pictures
Passengers – Movie review

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