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Na Jaane Kabse – movie review

Meet the couple who were never destined to meet!


Na Jaane Kabse - movie review

Pammi Somal has written and directed the film Na Jaane Kabse which is as a family entertainer starring a newbie actor Garry Gill and vivacious Amrita Prakash. Amrita was seen as a child artist in Tum Bin, and more recently in Vivah.

We have another typical Bollywood love story here. A ‘self made’ bartender-turned-resort’s managing director falls for a librarian. But the fact is that the girl is from a rich family and her dad father owns a bigger resort, where the girl works in the library.

The possessive and more than caring father has ensured that the daughter does not have to work outside her protective precinct.

What happens when a jilted bridegroom hops into a girl’s car and carts her off to his honeymoon resort?

There is love, and of course, a whole load of dhamaka.

Karan (Garry Gill) is to get married, but the girl he is supposed to get married to runs out on him in the eleventh hour. As what would happen in our hindi film – coincidences, he ends up taking a lift from Anjali (Amrita Prakash).

Anjali is a ‘drama queen’, who helps out ‘tragedy king’ Karan, just when he needed support. Now begins the picturesque journey to a resort in the hills – which is run and managed by Karan.

What follows is chaos, confusion and of course trouble, when the young couple actually fall in love with being together just for a couple of days. Then there is song, dance, rain and then a dance in the rain. Doesn’t it appear very typical of a Bollywood flick?

There are some amusing moments when the girl gets ready to a rather pretty ‘fake’ bride and the photo-shoots by the foreign press in Na Jaane Kabse.

The make-believe honeymoon between a waiter-turned-tycoon and a hopelessly romantic girl makes the film a somewhat a fun watch – with an angry father doing everything possible to prevent any union of sorts!

Cinematographer Vivek has captured the scenic locales of Leh-Ladakh and the famous Sarson ke khet in Punjab.

It is nice to realize that Amrita Prakash is that she has finally decided to do lead roles. She is beautiful, fresh and talented and has a bright future. As regards Gary Gill, he is quite suitable for the role he has been given.

Finally, the film Na Jaane Kabse ends up giving social message when Anjali tells her father that today’s generation can search for their own life partners.

Cast of Na Jaane Kabse:
Gary Gill
Amrita Prakash
Lillete Dubey
Gurpreet Guggi
Anju Mahendru
Sharat Saxena
Javed Sheikh
Himani Shivpuri

Credits of Na Jaane Kabse:
Writer & Director: Pammi Somal
Producer: Sonny Somal
Cinematography: Vivek
Designer: Buta Singh & Varinder Singh
Music Directors: Jatin Pandit & Deep Gupta
Lyrics: Sameer & Amita Muchal
Assistant Directors – Aditya Kumar, Mayur Mange, Romit More, Kuldeep Yadav Choreography: Longinus Fernandes, Habiba Rehman, Kishore Oraskar, Ricky Gupta.
Accounts: Santosh Thapa
Publicity: Art Hub
Processing: Reliance MediaWorks
Production Management: Ram Sunder Kanti
Executive Producers: Jenny Somal
Na Jaane Kabse – movie review