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LOGAN – movie review



Logan, movie review

Supposedly the finale of the Wolverine franchise, Logan itself is an offshoot of the X-Men series.

The makers of this series have carefully crafted the character to highlight the human side and named it Logan rather then his larger than life superhero the Wolverine as he is also show anything but a superhero.

The story is set in the year 2029 the special school and all the X-Men are gone, with no more new mutants on the block.

An aging and haggard Logan is taking care of the nonagenarian Professor Xavier who himself is senile and on tablets to prevent him from going crazy, as if this was not bad enough enters the young daughter of Logan created from his genes and surrogacy of a Mexican mom with much of his abilities and more and thus disrupting the uneasy yet cozy arrangement.

This child and many like her drawn from genes of various mutants and the surrogacy were being nurtured and bred in a MEXICAN LAB to turn them into weapons, but things back fired and the children escaped from the facility to search for their Paradise.

During the road trip to save these children the rude and aloof Logan slowly but with a lot of tussle between him and his cub comes to terms of having daughter under the calming influence of the professor, they even portray as one happy dysfunctional family.

There is no sci fi or razz and jazz of the previous X-men movies, a very down to earth film with a chapter for emotional bonding with your kid, but unfortunately so gory that it got an A certificate, the heads literally rolled.

Too lengthy, and it could have been more crispy though Jackman is in good form with his portrayal of the disturbed ageing hero with a deathwish

Click on the Thumbnails for ENLARGED PICS:

Hugh Jackman as James ‘Logan’Howlett / Wolverine
Patrick Stewart as Professor X
Richard E. Grant as Zander Rice
Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce
Stephen Merchant as Caliban
Dafne Keen as Laura / X3

Production Company – Marvel Entertainment, Kinberg Genre, Hutch Parker Entertainment
Produced by Hutch Parker, Simon Kinberg, Lauren Shuler Donner
Based on Wolverine by Roy Thomas, Len Wein, John Romita, Sr.
Directed by James Mangold
Screenplay by Scott Frank, James Mangold, Michael Green
Story by James Mangold
Music by Marco Beltrami
Cinematography – John Mathieson
Edited by Michael McCusker
Logan, movie review

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