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Kamaal, Dhamaal, Malamaal – movie review

Madness begins.... and then fails to entertain


Priyadarshan, who recently made Aakrosh and Tezz, returns to the comic genre with KAMAAL DHAMAAL MALAMAAL (KDM). This one is not a sequel to his previous laugh riot Malamaal Weekly. It has a fresh idea and though it has rustic and rural backdrop, the village is haunted by a curse after the golden cross from the village Church was stolen.

Kamaal, Dhamaal, Malamaal- movie review

It has a highly talented cast, most of them masters of comedy, yet the formula fails to pick up. Priyadarshan tries his best to tickle your funny bone, which he fails this time.

Bakri Johny!! That’s the insinuating cry of every man, woman and child in this village when they see Johny (Shreyas Talpade).

Afraid of everything and everyone, Johny is one terrified soul. Born into the household of David (Om Puri), a local farmer and being the only son, Johny does what he’s best at to help his ailing father – Doing Nothing!

Other than buying lottery tickets every week, the only thing going in his life, is his love for Maria (Madhhurima) the daughter of the village’s biggest gunda and his father’s sworn enemy – Peter (Paresh Rawal).

Armed with two herculean son’s, Peter goes to all ends to make sure his daughter and Johny never marry, until one day, hope comes in the form a silent, strong but very hungry man, Sam (Nana Patekar). Having Sam backing him all the time, Johny gains confidence in himself and learns to defend himself. A transformation sort of thing for this poor chap who used to get beaten up all around the village.

While the story seems stretched, it is Nana’s appearance which gives hope of something interesting to crop up. Yet the story lacks the punch, and nothing, no other departments like songs or editing or background score are worth any mention. At times Paresh Rawal’s manipulative character stands out.

Veterans like Nana Patekar, Paresh Rawal, Om Puri have nothing to impress. Shreyas Talpade has some fine moments while he is with Madhurima, and other cast in this film includes Shakti Kapoor, Asrani and Razzak Khan mere characters filling up this unimpressive slapstick comedy.

Cast of Kamaal, Dhamaal, Malamaal:

Nana Patekar – Sam
Shreyas Talpade – Johny
Paresh Rawal – Peter
Madhurima Banerjee – Maria
OmPuri – David
Rajpal Yadav
Shakti Kapoor
Anjana Sukhani
Neeraj Vora
Razzak Khan
Pratima Kazmi
Tareena Patel

Credits & Crew of Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal:

Studio Percept Picture Company
Directed by – Priyadarshan
Story, Screenplay – Neeraj Vora
Background Music – Ouseppachan
Choreographers – Pony Verma, Prasanna
Costume Designer – Rahul Agasti
Co Producers – Poonam Punjabi
Music Directors – Sajid Wajid
Lyricists – Wajid, Jalees Sherwani
Action – Abbas Ali Moghul
Dialogue – Neeraj Vora