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Kaagaz Ke Fools – Hindi movie review

Fools Rush in...


Kaagaz Ke Fools, Hindi movie review

A family drama about a middle class writer’s fight with the system without losing his truthfulness.

Puru (Vinay Pathak) is the protagonist of this drama. He has written a fantastic manuscript but is unable to have it published as it is about current social issues and the stark realities, which according to the publishers cannot sell in the market and then he also has to contend with his awkward, nagging wife Nikki (Mughdha Godse) who he compares with Lady Mac Beth as she wants her husband to succeed at any cost.

Things take an ugly turn in their domestic bliss, while discussing and then it turning into an arguement about changes to be made in their house by a Feng Shui consultant.

The heated arguement turns into a fight and in a huff, Nikki asks Puri to leave the house, so he swears he will never come back. To drown his sorrows, he goes to a bar-cum-casino den where he meets the beautiful Rubina (Raima Sen).

She gives him support in his hour of depression and is impressed by his writing and truthfulness. He also admires her and thus, as he cannot stay away from his wife, he gives away all his casino winnings to Rubina and returns home.

Rubina, on her part feels obliged and get his novel published with the “required changes” as per the publisher.

This enrages our man no end and thus we reach the climax of the film.

The movie has a good premise but the direction is weak and disjointed.

Mughdha Godse as a Hindustani Naari – housewife is totally out of place and appears too loud and gawky for a hindustani naari when she opens her mouth.

Vinah Pathak and Raima take the movie forward, but are let down by the scope of the script and directot’s vision.

It is an average affair, and you can watch if only if you like light family dramas.

Click on the Thumbnails for ENLARGED PICS:

Vinay Pathak as Purshottam Tripathi
Mugdha Godse as Nikki
Raima Sen as Rubina
Saurabh Shukla as Nikki’s brother
Rajendra Sethi as Kuku (Den owner)
Amit Behl as Vinay


Credits & Crew:
Directed by Anil Kumar Chaudhary
Produced by Faisal Kapadia, Arun Bhairav
Written by Faisal Kapadia, Arun Bhairav
Screenplay by Faisal Kapadia, Arun Bhairav
Music by Various Artists
Cinematography Aniket Khandagale
Banner – Globe Filmy Entertainment
Distributed by Globe Filmy Entertainment

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