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Ishkq in Paris

Do Ajnabi, Ek Raat, in the world’s most romantic city - Paris


Ishkq in Paris is a light hearted romantic comedy with lots of humour, wit, style & fun.

The film begins with narration by Isabelle Adjani who is a playwright in the film and also plays Priety’s mother. Ishkq in Paris is shot mainly across France, in Paris and Lyon.

Akash (Rhehan Malliek) and Ishkq (Preity Zinta), two complete strangers, after having met on a train from Rome to Paris, end up spending the evening together in the romantic city.

However, owing to a ‘no baggage’ pact set by Ishkq, the two part ways the next morning without a proper goodbye. Ishkq, being the strong-headed independent girl, moves on, while Akash ends up falling for the girl he spent the evening with.

There are several moments of romance and comedy in Ishkq in Paris that are warm and fuzzy. Post interval, the story is overstretched.

There is superb chemistry between Akash and Ishq. It has been shot in the romantic locales of Paris – the love city of the world. Throughout the narrative it appears to be shot on rich texture.

They cross paths once again in Paris but will there be ‘Ishkq In Paris’?

There are quite a few positive points like the chemistry between the leads, the gorgeous visuals, Preity Zinta’s performance, while on the other side, it has a weak screenplay, and it could have been impressive with more passion and intensity between his lead characters. Chunky Pandey is at his best in his special appearance. And there is a song and dance with Salman Khan and Priety Zinta.

Undoubtedly Priety’s back with her cute dimples and her zestful screen presence. It could have been a memorable film had it been directed by a director like Yash Chopra.

It’s difficult to take your eyes off Preity and Rhehan. Their bickering, their flirting and those intense moments in the backdrop of romantic Paris are the positive aspects of the film. Preity, on a comeback looks exquisite and Rhehan compliments her with his subtle performance. It’s nice to see this beautiful and supremely talented actress back in top form.

Cast of Ishkq in Paris:
Preity Zinta as Ishkq
Rhehan Malliek as Akash
Isabelle Adjani as Marie Elise (Ishkq’s mother)
Salman Khan
Shekhar Kapur as Ishkq’s estranged father
Chunky Pandey

Credits of Ishkq in Paris:
Banner – PZNZ Media Productions
Produced by Preity Zinta, Neelu Zinta
Director – Prem Raj
Story – Preity Zinta, Prem Raj
Lyrics – Prasoon Joshi, Jalees Sherwani
Film Editor – Rameshwar S Bhagat
Cinematography – Manush Nandan
Music by Sajid-Wajid
Choreography – Bosco Martis, Caesar Gonsalves, Saroj Khan, Mudassar Khan, Longines Fernandes
Costume Design – Surily Goel, Rahil Raja
Production Designer – Priya Suhas
Art – Shiuli Thukral, Mohan Bingi