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Grand Masti – movie review

Duniya ki aisi ki taisi, Aa jao karne grand masti..


Grand Masti

Grand Masti comes from the makers of Masti (2004), and ever since its initial promos it was projected as an adult comedy film, and so it is.

It isn’t expected to be a family film. Though the comedy at times falls much below our expectations. Simply put, most of the times it is cheap humour.

Take for instance, even the first part – Masti wasn’t appreciated by the family audience or the classes. This one too would be lapped up by the masses. Especially the Indian audience, maybe because there have never been Bollywood adult comedies before which can be equated or compared with.

It is a bit surprising that Deshmukh Junior and Vivek Oberoi signed for such ‘adult comedy’ which in its conclusion, is much below the ideal or broadly adult comedy levels.

Grand Masti is about three ex-students of a college – Amar, Prem and Meet (Ritesh Deshmukh, Aftab Shivdasani and Vivek Oberoi respectively) and it begins with them teaching their juniors how to have a good time at college. Like for example ‘A’ stands for – and then the camera zooms into the girls’ backside, ‘B’ stands for – and the camera zooms to woman’s chest.

Amar, Prem and Meet are married, but not satisfied with their sex life. The problem with these married men is that their wives give more attention to their family, the kids and their work.

Then comes an invitation to the reunion at their college – SLUTS (Shree Lalchand University of Technology and Science). For them this college reunion has come at the right time of their lives to relieve their pent-up sexual frustrations. It offered them an opportunity to relive their carefree days and have all the possible fun. Now they are back in the college campus, and are after three hot women – Rose, Mary and Marlowe.

The three girls, Rose ( Maryam Zakaria), Mary ( Bruna Abdullah) and Marlow (Kainaat Arora), are related to their college principal, who becomes a spoil sport to thís trio’s mischievous plan.

Often, you would find cheapest possible double meaning jokes. Before this, we haven’t had any comparable film in India in this ‘adult-comedy’ genre, so the classy audience would find it disgusting to go through the rest of the story.

Adult humor would have worked out better when some things are left open to a viewers imagination.

While Sonalee Kulkarni, Manjari Fadnis, and Karishma Tanna, the three wives in this film are fine, it is the trio of hot girls, Bruna Abdullah, Kainaat Arora and Maryam Zakaria who keep the boys busy running around them.

Riteish has mastered the art of acting funny and enacting funny situations with ease. It is nice to see Vivek Oberoi shed his gangster type image and perform magnificently in this comedy, while Aftab Shivdasani is just okay.

Adult humor would have worked out better when some things are left open to a viewers imagination. It would be interesting to watch Grand Masti’s box office results, as this adult comedy film lacks genuine ‘adult’ fun, but has more of cheap-forced humour in the story.

Click on the thumbnails to view enlarged pics:

Vivek Oberoi – Meet
Riteish Deshmukh – Amar
Aftab Shivdasani – Prem
Karishma Tanna – Meet’s Wife
Sonalee Kulkarni – Amar’s Wife
Manjari Fadnis – Prem’s Wife
Bruna Abdulla – Mary
Maryam Zakaria – Rose
Kainaat Arora – Marlow
Suresh Menon
Pradeep Rawat
Chandi Perera
Banner – Maruti International
Presented by Bharat Shah
Produced by Ashok Thakeria, Indra Kumar
Director – Indra Kumar
Story, Screenplay – Milap Milan Zaveri, Tushar Hiranandani
Dialogue – Milap Zaveri
Executive Producer – Dilip Mistry
Music by – Anand Raj Anand, Sanjeev-Darshan
Lyrics – Kumaar, Manoj Darpan
Editor – Sanjay Sankla
Cinematography – Rituraj Narain
Production Designers – Rajat Poddar
Choreography – Ganesh Acharya, Chinni Prakash

Grand Masti – movie review