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GLOBAL BABA – Movie review

Bhakti mein hai Dum, Godfather ki kasam


Global Baba, movie review

Abhimanyu Singh plays a godman in this film which is based on spiritual babas of India. Global Baba is a social satire and craftily doesn’t target any particular person or any religion.

India could be the only country where hundreds of thousands of people (devotees) blindly surrender themselves to godmen.

The film exposes such a godman who was once a hitman by the name Chillam Pehalwaan (Abhimanyu Singh) for a political party which used him as much as they could and once their dependence on him was over, they took the legal route of eliminating him in an enounter by Police Inspector Jacob (Ravi Kishan).

Chillam Pehalwan manages to escape during the encounter but had taken 2 gun shots and was noticed in the nick of the moment by the saadhus on the banks of a river who nursed him to bring back to life.

He is spotted by Damru (Pankaj Tripathi) who advises him to take refuge within the world of faith by turning him into a godman named Global Baba. This transformation draws vast following of blind devotees that makes him powerful to that extent that even the politicians fall into his web of unsatiated greed for power.

Bhavana Sharma (Sandeepa Dhar) is a TV journalist who stumbles upon the wrongdoings inside the Global Baba’s huge ashram built upon encroached vast land grabbed from the innocent people.

The film enters the thrilling phase with the cop Jacob recalling having shot a criminal largely resembling the Global Baba and opening the criminal’s file, only to realize that the corpse burnt had all the personal effects of the criminal but having a torched face which was beyond recognition.

Aided by the TV journalist, the cop is on the pursuit of exposing the godman.

Abhimanyu Singh sparkles in his performance as the godman. Pankaj Tripathi as Damru is a talent yet noticed. Ravi Kishan thankfully isn’t his over-the-top self.

The initial sequence at the dhaba where Ravi Kishan and Abhimanyu itself sets the stage for the thrilling story yet to unfold.

Click on the Thumbnails for ENLARGED PICS:

Abhimanyu Singh as Chillam Pehalwaan / Global Baba
Pankaj Tripathi as Damru
Ravi Kishan as Police Inspector Jacob
Sandeepa Dhar as Bhavana Sharma
Akhilendra Mishra as Dallu Yadav
Sanjay Mishra as Bhola Pandit

Directed by Manoj Sidheshwari Tewari
Produced by Vijay Bansal, Priya Bansal
Executive Producer – Harsh Vardhan Ojha
Screenplay – Vishal Vijay Kumar
Story – Surya Kumar Upadhayay
Music by Ripul Sharma, Agnel Roman, Faizan Hussain
Cinematography by Devendra Tiwari, D Kannan
Edited by Chandan Arora
Global Baba, movie review

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