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3G (Hindi Movie)

A Killer Connection


Sheena (Sonal Chauhan) is holidaying in the picturesque Fiji. She is alone on the beaches and misses her boyfriend Sam (Neil Nitin Mukesh).

Sam gives her a pleasant surprise and gives a Bollywood style entry. Sheena is so excited that she tightly hugs Sam which makes him accidentally drop his mobile phone in the water.

They go to the mobile shop to buy another mobile phone for Sam, and out of the new pieces available at the counter, Sam decides to buy a second hand instrument which supports 3 G. A third generation phone which has more features than the currently popular 2 G models most widely used by the aam junta.

One wonders, why does a senior level executive / professional would buy a second hand instrument ? Despite seeing other new and latest models on display? Maybe it is cost cutting to pay for his girl friend’s lavish expenses in Fiji.

They have a wonderful time together until Sam is disturbed by a call well past midnight from an unknown number which happens to be a girl sending some distress message.

On a romantic holiday, Sam overlooks the incident, goes back to sleep. The next morning he receives the call again from this unknown number and then begins a series of phone calls giving SOS messages, and then sending a MMS of a girl badly being beaten to death.

Here Sheena remarks to Sam “ you seem to stressed out, maybe it is work pressure”. One fails to understand that this boy comes to Fiji, following his girlfriend, and what work pressure would be on this tourist in a foreign land?

Sam is so disgusted with the phone, that he crushes it, and the other time, throws it in the seas, and next morning the hotel attendant brings back the same instrument, but Sam refuses to accept the phone saying that its not their phone. The lady insists that this phone belongs to them as it has Sam and Sheena’s picture as a wallpaper on it.

The girl sends MMS clips and speaks to him on the phone. Now it seems that she is sending some distress signals to Sam.

So the couple decides to unlock the mystery of this phone, and posing as representatives of an NGO which traces lost persons, they follow leads, and then unfolds the mystery and suspense of this laawaris mobile instrument.

Unnecessary surprise moments have been thrown in. Like while changing the resort in Fiji, when Neil and Sonal are in the back seat, and a football hits Neil’s face, its okay that he is shattered. But the cab screeches and suddenly comes to a halt as if Neil was driving the car. Nothing was aimed at the driver, then why such a sudden brake? It is baffling.

Only one admirable thing in this film is that the Director of Photography has beautifully captured the beaches, sea and the outdoors of Fiji. On the downside are the acting. Neil Nitin Mukesh could have done much better.

Sonal Chauhan is best at what she ought to be – to appear hot in skimpiest of clothes and bikinis on the beach. The passionate scenes between them are well depicted, so is their chemistry. Mrinalini Sharma stands out amongst this trio as far as the acting department is concerned.

It is so confusing to decide whether 3 G belongs to the horror genre, a romantic, an adventure, a thriller or a suspense based film?


Credits of 3G:
Banner – Eros International, Next Gen Films
Producers – Sunil Lulla, Viki Rajani
Directed by Sheershak Anand, Shantanu Ray Chhibber
Music – Mithoon, Amar Mohile
Editing – Sanjay Sharma
Story Writers – Sheershak Anand, Shantanu Ray Chhibber
Background Music – Amar Mohile
Choreographers – Aadil Shaikh
Co Producer – Sanjay Mehta
Music Directors – Mithoon, Amar Mohile
Lyricist – Mithoon, Shellee, Sonu Kakkar
Action – Mehmood Akbar Bakshi
Screenplay – Sheershak Anand, Shantanu Ray Chhibber

Cast of 3G:
Neil Nitin Mukesh – Sam Arora
Sonal Chauhan -Sheena
Mrinalini Sharma – Chaima
Asheesh Kapur – Mong
Prithviraj Choudhury – Joe
Kaajal Vashisht – Diana
Shailesh Singh
Kayaan S. Contractor
Vanah Kelly
Devraj Das

3G Hindi movie review