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FilmyTown backs MERA KYA KASOOR – based on Beti Bachao Campaign

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Female infanticide or killing new-born girls – this felonious practice is still prevalent in our country, especially in some parts of Rajasthan even as of today. Read more about MERA KYA KASOOR…

A report filed by Auxiliary Nurse Midwives says that the new-born baby girl had been starved to death by denying her breast milk.

In other cases, they put sand, hot water and even opium in the mouth of the new-born.

While in the rest, the reasons mentioned of death of the new born girl child was either due to frothing in the mouth, or unknown cases, or because they were underweight (probably due to no breast feeding of the new born).

The Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi has personally spearheaded  his government’s pet project of BETI BACHAO Campaign  – Save The Girl Child,  an effort which needs to be applauded for its pragmatic approach.

Hence FILMY TOWN is proud to be a partner of this campaign, and is  here in this case of partnering with MERA KYA KASOOR, which is an honest and straightforward effort to showcase this ill of the society.

India is the country rich in its cultures and customs having its centuries old roots and it is the only country in the world where customs spread peace and harmony binding the widest spectrum of castes and communities. We are Proud to be Indians.

Though our great country has made tremendous progress in science, technology and industries, it still lags behind due to most ills of the society still prevalent in our country which is our present focus – Female infanticide or killing new-born girl.

It is a matter of shame that even after 60 years of freedom and modernization in our great country, there exists a bias against the girl child, and there is still ample evidence of the widespread discrimination of the females in the mindset of our people.

Babdi is one such place in Rajasthan which has been lately in the news for strange incidents of death of several newborns. (Read new-born girl child)

Such horrifying deeds, as reported, are rampant since more than a decade where the newborn meets its end and in other cases even while still in the mother’s womb.
Much to our surprise the people of this locality are divided over their opinions, with some even resorting to Tantra-Mantras for evading the girl child leaving no room for resolution to this grave problem.

People of this otherwise peaceful and progressive county are perplexed about the occurrence of this strange behavior of the local inhabitants for which there is no scientific reasoning nor any resolution, where there are reported cases of resorting to witchcraft and even sorcery and ignorance of the people.

The situation has worsened so much that the Pradhan-Chaudhary, its local Sarpanch and the people here are in a quandary with no resolution in sight.

The film then exposes the myth behind this unnatural behavioral patterns which leaves the audience shell shocked.

MERA KYA KASOOR is a honest and brave attempt at exposing this biased mindset of people, which incidentally is a pet project of the Government at the Centre.

FILMY TOWN is proud to be associated with this campaign of BETI BACHAO ANDOLAN and hence its proud association with this bold film – MERA KYA KASOOR.

MERA KYA KASOOR which tackles this issue is produced and presented by actor Trilok Nowlakha and releases this September in Cinema Halls.

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