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Constant work fuels my creativity that keeps me going on – Anu Malik

Anu Malik launches his single MONDAY

Anu Malik launches his single ‘Monday’ amidst introspection of his career while speaking to FilmyTown

National Award winner and winner of several film awards, music director and singer Anu Malik is all set to rebounce with greater force in the Bollywood music industry. He is regarded as one of the mega music composers of 90s in India, and now his brand new single ‘Monday’ is being launched on this Monday under the TIPS music label.

Anu Malik has composed music for various genres of films and has created several commercially successful songs for the Bollywood film music industry with memorable songs for films like Baazigar, Refugee, Mein Hoon Na, Akele Hum Akele Tum, Sir, Yaadein, Viraasat, Border, Fida and Murder among several other musical films.

Anu Malik is set to conquer new heights in his second innings, this time armed with greater determination with the unleashing his bundled up creativity in the past ten months that he terms it as “It was a period of pain. Everyday was hectic in my life since the last 40 years. Imagine a boy who used to go looking for work with his harmonium (musical instrument) and having climbed the ladder of success with his hard work. And then all of a sudden there is no work, no one to talk to. Life became blank,” Anu Malik spoke to FilmyTown.

“One would have turned to alcohol or would have even gone into depression. But then it were my wife and daughters who stood by me rock solid in the past several months, when it appeared to me like having consumed vish (Poison). They were the pillars which gave me strength not to let fear take over me,” an emotional Malik uttered.

About the backlash from all fronts post the ‘Me Too’ allegations, Anu replied, “People have misunderstood my bluntness and maybe I had a bit of brashness too. But what is wrong in it? At least I have truly guided several people including the contestants purely on their talents without any sugar coated talks,” commented this maestro who has composed music for a wide range of singers like Mohammed Rafi to the likes of Arman Malik.

Asked about how the idea of the single ‘Monday’ cropped up in his mind, Malik responded, “Ask anyone who has no work and when such a bad patch of period comes in one’s life, it always gives you something. In such situations the worst one could do is to blame somebody else. But I decided that I would not make any person feel any pity for me. Therefore, when without work I began to feel that everyday was a Sunday. No doubt its fun, but one cannot enjoy all the consecutive days as a fun-days. For me it isn’t about money. It is about work.”

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