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Medal, movie review
A great country that India is... unfortunately sports like boxing get step motherly treatment in contrast to the blue eyed cricketers who rake in billions. Medal the film puts forth the realistic view of the plight of boxers who bring laurels to the country, yet face a bleak future. Medal movie review... It is very unfortunate that in a country of over a billion the sport of boxing doesn't figure as the favourite of the masses. Who shall we blame? The aam junta or the system, governance or the television media? Barrng the game of cricket, there is no sport which assures all the goodies of life, with the least being of security for the rest of the sportsperson's life in our country. This is what Ganesh Mehta the producer - director of Medal puts forth his point. Medal is the story of an ambitious boxer Jeetu (Muzahid Khan), whose family has its own priorities. Jeetu needs to fulf ....
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Medal PLoster

Reflecting the realistic state of promising sports persons, the upcoming inspiring Hindi sports-based movie ‘Medal- pet nahi bharta’ is set to release on 19th Jan, 2018 with the U/A certificate from CBFC (Central Board of Film Certifications). Under the banner of G.K. Entertainment, Medal – pet nahi bharta is starring Muzahid Khan, Indrisha Basu, Tanushri Basak, and Ajay Sharma. Produced…

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