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JOJI a crime thriller

Not one but there are several reasons to watch JOJI – a Malayalam crime thriller after watching this gripping drama on Amazon Prime Video. The trailer of Amazon Prime Video’s Joji has dropped and from the looks of it, the movie appears to be one of the most gripping and genre-bending Malayalam crime thrillers we’ve seen in recent times. Directed…

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C U Soon on Amazon Prime
Every once in a while something new comes up on the OTT platform, we're talking about the latest Malayalam offering on Amazon prime by the name of C U Soon. The uniqueness of this movies lies in the fact that it has been entirely shot on an Iphone and whatever interaction is shown between the characters on the screen is entirely on a phone (video chatting) or on social media by text or video on a computer monitor. C U Soon the movie uses only the digital platforms. It definitely was a singular experience and a good one at that. There is not much we can talk about the story as we have seen such movies before in fact recently the Vidyut Jamwal movie Khuda Hafiz was based on this very theme of how recruitment agencies send unsuspecting young girls abroad, specially the Middle-East countries, on a promise of a lucrative job and how they end up only being sex slaves there, but the treatmen ....
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