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Dishoom promo Delhi

Team Dishoom performing a  dare devil act in Delhi! After capturing hearts and spreading smiles in Indore, the cast of Dishoom; John Abraham, Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandez made a daring yet stylish entry in a chopper for the promotions of the movie in Delhi. The trio brought along with them the batsman of the cricket team of Delhi’s Galgotia…

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Fugly Movie Review
A story based on the life of Delhiites about their attitude. As usual they aren't scared of anyone, even to the extent of not paying any heed to the regulations of the police force. Habituated, they often tend to break rules off and on, which lands them in a bigger problem, leading to any consequences - for which they have themselves to blame. (Fugly - Hindi Movie review) "Fugly" is a story of four close friends Dev (Mohit Marwah), Devi (Kiara Advani), Gaurav (Vijendra Singh) and Arfi Lamba (Tatti). Here Gaurav is a son of politician (Hari Singh Ahalawat) who is instrumental in often bailing out his friends whenever they are in a ditch. Or in simple words 'saved' whenever they break any rules. Hence these four move around as 'tension free guys'. Complication arises when a Shopkeeper happens to touch Devi and she immediately conveys this to her friends. The usual guy theory, they ga ....
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Chal Bhaag Hindi film
A wannabe new age quickie about Delhi underbelly with all the ingredients, like larger than life Dons, corrupt to the core Police Personnel (it seems the department has become a favorite whipping boy of one and all including any Tom Dick and Harry). Chal Bhaag - movie review. The movie begins with the murder of an ex-MLA, then the director goes on to establish the three protagonists. The First one, Munna Supari (Deepak Dobriyal) is a road-side tapori (smarty) showing off his razor wielding skills, and is a self proclaimed goon. Then there is a petty thief Bunty (Tarun Bajaj) who snatches chains for a living and gives them to his early sweetheart as if on a cue. The Third Guy Daler Singh (Varun Mehra), an outcast, is a bit of a mystery to himself, shown as a hungry tiger but across as a ‘touch-me-not’ with a heart of gold who follows his heart but is unable to convey his fee ....
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