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RJ Kaavya’s OHO RADIO channel showcases Uttarakhand artists’ contribution to music fraternity

RJ Kaavya's OHO Radio in Uttarakhand

The untapped talent of local artists of Uttarakhand needs to be discovered by the Bollywood film industry. It is through Oho Radio’s #1NoUttarakhand, RJ Kaavya aims to showcase incredible individuals who did something exceptional for the state

Music has the ultimate power to connect with a person’s heart even when the language doesn’t seem familiar. This was the soul belief that inspired Kavindra Singh Mehta to begin his journey as RJ Kaavya. While he worked at some well-known radio stations, his love for his state and its local artists always elevated which inspired him to start his own Digital Radio called ‘Oho Radio’. This radio channel features ‘Pahadi Music’ and the local artists of Uttarakhand. He truly believes that his state has a lot of talent that just needs to be discovered, and he is willing to give them an extra boost through any means he can.

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When spoke to RJ kaavya about what inspired him to start his Radio channel, He mentioned. “It’s the hardworking and dedicated talent of Uttrakhand which inspired me to start Oho Radio. I truly believe that there is a lot more Uttarakhand has a lot to offer to the entire music fraternity as It’s just been 6 months, but the response I have received towards presenting the songs of local artists has been overwhelming. The audience and their love have inspired me to come up with a new show that is sure to empower the people of Uttarakhand even more, it’s called ‘#1NoUttarakhand’. Through this show, I aim to showcase to the world, people who have contributed towards the state of Uttarakhand in an exceptional way.“

Oho Radio, currently has a listenership of more than 2 Million on a monthly basis and is working towards growing to become the best radio channel featuring local artists and talent.

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