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Tum Ho Yaara – Film Review

A Love Triangle turns thriller


Tum Ho Yaara Film Review

Shiva (Ganesh Venkatraman) is a software engineer, in love with medical student Meera (Shobana). Meera’s Father Rajaraman (Thirumudi) is a don who taken law in his hands to provide justice.

Tum Ho Yaara is a love triangle-cum-thriller starring Ganesh Venkatraman, Kalpana Pandit & Shobana, directed by Natty Kumar & Dr. Jay while J.

Shiva is a witness to a crime, which he comes to know that his girl friend’s father is the perpetrator. Shiva is planning to go to the US for bright prospects and so Meera is keen that before he departs, Shiva should meet her father and ask for her hand.

On meeting the girl’s father, Shiva instantly recognizes Rajaraman, who does not like Shiva. Taking advantage of the fact that Shiva is in love with his daughter, the father challenges Shiva saying that once he is in the US, he will forget Meera after 2 years since he would not be having any contact with her and with glamour around him.

But Shiva is adamant and so he accepts the girl’s father’s challenge that even after being abroad for two years, and without any telephonic contact or otherwise, if he is still in love with Meera, then the dad will give accent to the marriage. So Shiva flies to USA for a brighter cảeer.

In USA he meets with an accident and develops short term memory loss. Due to his memory loss he forgets Meera and Rajaraman and starts a life with his co-worker Maya.

Once on a camping trip he drink a potion prepared by Shaman and get is to illusion. At the end of the illusion he gets back his memory and find out Meera is falling in love with Dr. Arun, an NRI Psychiatrist.

Keen to get back Meera, Shiva acts as a is mental retard. So then Dr. Arun explain Shiva’s condition to Meera and Rajaraman and gets Shiva and Meera reunited.

It begins well, loses pace midway, but catches up in the latter half which is full of twists and turns. Shobana’s character is that of a sweet looking homely-cum-professional doctor. Kalpana Pandit looks voluptuous and cool yet agressive team member in Shiva’s team in the US. Shiva is fit enough for the realistic action sequences performed by him.

Natarajkumar is the producer of the film. The music is by Agnel Roman & Faizan Hussain & Tum Ho Yaara is distributed by Jai Viratra Entertainment Limited.

Tum Ho Yaara has realistic action sequences, though the Red-Indian track seems poorly baked, it is quite entertaining in bits and parts.

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Ganesh Venkatraman – Shiva
Kalpana Pandit – Maya
Shobana – Meera
Thirumudi – RajaRaman (Meera’s father)
Sreedher – Balu (Shiva’s friend)


Banner – Dreams on Frames, House of Pandit
Producer – J.Natarajkumar
Direction – NATTY KUMAR & Dr.JAY
Music – Agnel Roman & Faizan Hussain
Cinematography – CHRIS ELDRIDGE C.J.Rajkumar
Art Director – K.V.LOGU
Creative Advisor – Malani Talkies
Media Relations – Ashwani Shukla , Altair Media
Stylist : Rose Hill Academy of Cosmetic Arts, California, Sangita Gavli
Makeup: Rose Hill Academy of Cosmetic Arts, California
Distributed by – Jai Viratra Entertainment Limited