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ONE DAY: Justice Delivered – movie review

Justice will definitely be delivered.... One day


One Day- Justice Delivered movie review

Indian Civil and Criminal Laws need to be revisited. This is what is the undertone of the crime-suspense thriller ONE DAY – Justice Delivered that is directed by Ashok Nanda.

The films begins with the retirement farewell event of Justice Omprakash Tyagi (Anupam Kher). The judge has an impeccable record of being upright and delivering honest judgements. Yet the age-old Indian Criminal laws are exposed to several loopholes which are manipulated by the criminals who are advised by their ‘smart’ lawyers.

One slap by an elderly lady awakens the inner spirits of this retired judge who now revisits his earlier cases where the judgement is delivered, yet the actual criminals and the perpetrators of the crime still move around freely in the society. Some of them holding respectable positions in their profession.

The retired judge has realized that he couldn’t deliver fair judgement in certain cases due to the confinement of the Indian Law System. Going by the book, he has delivered cent percent justice. But in his inner conscience he too realizes that in certain cases the actual perpetrators have not been booked. Hence he takes up the task of booking the wrong doers and delivering the justice to the deprived innocent who have been wrongly framed.

In one such case, he gave the unfair judgement because of lack of evidences and victim’s mother (Zarina Wahab) slaps him in courtroom premise.

Director Ashok Nanda adopt a novel treatment of depicting the retired judge kidnapping the actual culprits and then torturing them to get out the actual truth behind their wrong doings.

While this has created a stir in the media as the so called innocent and reputed professionals are reported missing, there is a twist in the story that an officer on Special duty Laxmi Rathi (Esha Gupta) is deputed to unearth the mystery behind the missing reports of the so called reputed high status individuals in the city.

Esha’s introductory scene begins with showing her as a crooner in a bar in Kolkata where she successfully captures a dreaded criminal. Hence she is now deputed to resolve the case of the missing of reputed individuals in the city of Jharkhand.

Film raises a question that how far we can go to fight against unfair judgement and breaking the law for the fair justice is right or not.

It is the bold depiction and narration of the crimes that are deftly handled by director Ashok Nanda. One star each for the performances of Anupam Kher and Esha Gupta.


Cast of ONE DAY:
Anupam Kher as Justice Omprakash Tyagi
Esha Gupta as Laxmi Rathi
Kumud Mishra as Inspector Sharma
Zarina Wahab as Parveen Bibi
Anusmriti Sarkar as Shagufta
Kashyap Barbhaya as Shamim
Murli Sharma as Dr. Ajay Chopra
Deepshikha Nagpal as Dr. Reema Chopra
Ananth Mahadevan as Lawyer of Parveen Bibi
Zakir Hussain as M.P. Rawat
Rajesh Sharma as Pankaj Singh
Parikshit Sahani as Colonel Saab
Akram Ali Khan as Rahul
Nilofar Gesawat as Shalini
Bebo as Bebo
Jayaka Yagnik as Pooja
Poonam Rane as Rekha
Manoj Mishra as Dilawar
Jeeban Panda as Perver Sheikh
Alok Pandey as Afzal
Nassirr Khan as Lawyer of Dr. Ajay Chopra
Ehsaan Khan as Police Commissioner
Mohaq Kansara as Abdul
Saavi Chauhan as Sonia
Hema Sharma as Special Appearance in Wedding song
Monika Raven as Special Appearance in Club Song
Kavya Kiran as Special Appearance in Club Song


Credits & Crew of ONE DAY:
Banner: D Neev Films, A Cinema Friday International Production, Netrix Entertainment
Produced by: Ketan Patel and Kamlesh Singh Kushwaha
Co producer: Swati Singh
Director: Ashok Nanda
Written By: Alaukik Rahi
Music By: Joy-Anjan, Vikrant-Parijat, Rishi Singh
Lyrics By: Alaukik Rahi, Smita Kabra, Vinu Sangwan
Production Supervisor – Sangit Gaikar
Director of Photography – Indrajeet Bansel, Arvind Singh
Editor – Umashankar Mishra
Action: Dilip K. Yadav
Choreographer: Ranju Varghese, Dev
Background Score – Sanjoy Chowdhury & Rishi Singh
Shooting Locations: Kashmir, Mumbai, Maharastra
PR Consultant (In-house): Altair Media
Media Consultant: Raindrop Alter Ego
One Day – Justice Delivered, movie review