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Mrs Serial Killer – movie review

Murder and gore


Mrs Serial Killer (2020)

Chanced upon a little known gory murder mystery which goes by the name of Mrs Serial Killer is streaming now on Netflix and would have gone unnoticed if I was not sifting through the movies that I want to see.

Released almost a year ago, Mrs Serial Killer is really less known as there was no fanfare or much hype and hoola created on its launch. It has got a few A-listers in its acting roll call namely Jacqueline Fernandez in the title role and also the protagonist is the new slasher in town and Manoj Bajpai plays her doctor husband with Mohit Raina playing a cop who is also her ex-lover, you get the love triangle drift by now isn’t it?

The other characters, there is nothing much to write home about they flit in ànd out throughout the movie. The thing that irritates you as the movie begins, is that the events are too sudden and in your face, disjoint and the characters behave as if they are performing in front of a live audience because they almost barking out there dialogues so loud as if to make sure the last bencher hears them but slowly the movie changes gears and cimes to grip during the middle portion, just before and after where the interval would have been.

The gore splashes on to the screen as the good wife tries to save the Doctor from incarceration for murders of unwed mothers to be. What is shown – a headless corpse hanging by butchers hooks in mid air, a lot of blood and scalpel stabbing etc. The story though simple could have been crafted more interestingly. The climax comes upon us almost suddenly and revealing anything further would be criminal though it is more of khoda pahad nikala chuha nonetheless it is what it is.

Many things in the story do not connect and are abruptly shown, this is a very weak screenplay. The dialogues have gems like ‘I am not an ice-cream’ menaces the Doc when wifey calls him out by his shortened name Joy. Wow I have not had or seen Joy ice creams since my youth which is way back, I think the current generation will not even connect.

Mrs Serial Killer is viewable only for Jacky as she looks a million-bucks any day, but her acting skills are still amateurish and the jury is still out on that. Manoj Bajpai sir without giving too much away I would say he has done much better roles in other movies even mysterious ones. As for Mohit Raina the fan following that he garnered playing Shiva on the small screen, he seems to be squandering that away playing such inocuous drunkard cop routine roles.

Just before the end there is a twist that’s crudely lifted from the American thriller Don’t Breathe (2016). And then followed up by an unnecessary twist is added at the very end as if the makers want to make a second part, no you can’t do this to us. OMG I will turn into a Zombie, noooooooooo.

– Review by PAWAN GUPTA

Streaming on Netflix
Running Time: 106 minutes

Cast of Mrs Serial Killer:
Jacqueline Fernandez as Sona Mukerjee
Manoj Bajpayee as Dr. Mrityunjoy ‘Joy’ Mukerjee
Mohit Raina as Inspector Imran Shahid
Zayn Marie Khan as Anushka Tiwari
Darshan Jariwala as Brij Rastogi (Advocate)
Chanda Joshi as Mrs Rastogi
Deepak Arora as Sid (Anushka’s boyfriend )

Credits of Mrs Serial Killer:
Production company – Three’s Company Productions
Directed by Shirish Kunder
Produced by Farah Khan, Shirish Kunder
Written by Shirish Kunder
Music by Shirish Kunder
Cinematography – Ravi K. Chandran, Kiran Deohans
Edited by Shirish Kunder