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Karar – The Deal (Film Review)

A suspense thriller


Karar - The Deal

Ramprasad Verma, a multi-millionaire owner of a huge orchid farm resides in interiors of South Africa with granddaughter Nikita. Ramprasad is a heart patient and has already had two attacks. Nikita herself has a weak heart. Both of them stay in a huge farm house at a lonely place out of the city. They have a nurse, Anne, to take care of Dadaji (Ramprasad). Karar – The Deal – movie review

One night Dadaji (Ramprasad) has a stroke and Nikita (Mahek Chahal) and Anne (Jyoti Rana) panic and as their regular doctor Makhija is unavailable then. Anne, the nurse calls Dr. Aryan (Tarun Aurora) whom she is acquainted with. Dr. Aryan comes and treats Dadaji as well as Nikita as she also felt sick due to the whole situation.

Over the time Dadaji is impressed by Dr. Aryan who in spite of staying alone and practicing medicine in a general hospital in Cape Town, follows Indian culture and etiquette. Dadaji proposes Dr. Aryan to marry his granddaughter Nikita and stay with them. Aryan agrees.

After their marriage Aryan is attracted towards the nurse, Anne, as his wife Nikita, being a heart patient can’t bear over excitement while being romantic. Nikita is helpless because she thinks if Dadaji comes to know, he will not be able to bear the shock and may lose his life.

Taking advantage of his wife’s weakness, Aryan enjoys frivolously with the nurse Anne. One day he tells Nikita that he has to go to town for two days and by the time he returns she should get her grand Dadaji’s will changed to his favor.

While Nikita is tensed, Anne realizes her helplessness and the girls hit upon a plan to kill Aryan but when he returns, Anne gets killed instead and then with Nikita’s help they carry the dead body in a suitcase and get rid of it flinging it over the cliff.

Meanwhile an inspector keeps a close watch on the copuple and begins his investigation of the case of the missing nurse. Aryan takes Nikita to a pub to destress but everywhere she goes, she finds Anne’s ghost haunting her. The inspector follows them as well.

One day when Nikita has another close encounter with Anne’s ghost, she falls down unconscious. Dr. Aryan assumes that Nikita is dead. He embraces Anne, who turns out to be alive as this was a part of their conspiracy.

Wicked minded Aryan wants to get rid of the nurse and then he would be the sole heir to the vast property. Nikita regains her consciousness, listens to their argument between and when Aryan is about to kill the nurse, she gets up and saves Anne.

The outdoor locations of Cape Town and other parts of South Africa are well shot. There are abundant steamy scenes, which become the mainstay of the film.

Just a notch better than the C grade films, it has remixes of five hit songs, which are entertaining. The songs are shot with keeping in mind of using them as video for the remix versions of the hit songs of yesteryears.

Tarun Aurora is a handsome dude, but can’t act, Mahek Chahal is a shade better than him in the acting department. But it is the dusky beauty Jyoti Rana who sizzles thorough the film.

KARAR-THE DEAL will please the front benchers, specifically in the interiors. The city audiences may find it below average.

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Credits of Karar The Deal :

Banner – Shri Cine Aarts
Produced by Shashikiran B. Wadia
Director- Sabir
Written by Shashikiran B. Wadia


Cast of Karar The Deal :

Tarun Aurora as Dr. Aryan
Mahek Chahal as Nikita
Jyoti Rana as Anne (the nurse)

Karar The Deal – movie review