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Jazbaa – Movie review

A captivating crime-thriller


Jazbaa - movie review

An edgy thriller based on the South Korean film Seven Days (2007), Jazbaa is a pacy film with a taut screenplay, yet there are a few over-dramatic scenes which seem a little out of place.

Jazbaa movie review

Sanjay Gupta’s characters are shown as the separated families, a single mother, a separated mother whose daughter has been murdered, a single cop who suddenly crops up from anywhere for the single-mother-lawyer whose daughter has been kidnapped.

The film is replete with one liners. Like this one, “Rishton mein Bharosa aur mobile mein network na ho toh log gama khelne lagte hein.”

Jazbaa is about Anuradha Verma, the iron lady, who melts down when her daughter is abducted by the kidnappers who want Anuradha to take up the case to represent a rapist killer who is convicted of murder. Her school friend is the just suspended Inspector Yohan a competent, crafty cop who is besieged with allegations of corruption by his higher ups.

Anuradha manages anticipatory bail for Yohan, who plays a significant role, supporting her, in tracking down the kidnapped girl.

Aishwarya acts over the top at several occasions and she plays Anuradha Verma, the top legal eagle who usually takes up cases of the guilty as the innocent ones can ‘never’ afford her fees.

It seems unusual Anuradha Verma (Anuradha Verma), who moves around in sharp power trouser suits and wielding a very sharp mind, loses her instinctive sharpness and becomes so helpless when she finds her daughter missing during the school sports day.

The consistent green tone all thoroughout the film, even in bright daylights in outdoor scenes – it irritates you.

Aishwarya Rai has separated from her husband for the silly reason that her in-laws wanted her to abort the girl child. This is difficult to accept in present times, and more so in a high society of professionals in the most urban city of India.

Anuradha Verma has reopened the case which Inspector Yohan investigated and absolved that Miyaaz Shaikh (Chandan Roy Sanyal) was the murderer. A bewildered Yohan (Irrfan) aware of this situation, is then finally told by the female lawyer that her daughter was kidnapped, he comes up with the most bizarre reaction, which is least expected from a well seasoned cop who has his own issues of corruption and his suspension eating him up.

When the top female lawyer reaches a spot where she has to leave medicines for her daughter, one could clearly read the number of the SUV which had her daughter calling for her, yet she is unable to rescue her. Within moments, the car could have been tracked out by a single call to the police, as the location was within the city of Mumbai.

Post interval, you are bombarded with an overdose of tight close-ups during the court-room conversations.

Least expected from a Sanjay Gupta film where the character of Abbas who has been once saved by the lawyer, repays by saving the lawyer who is supposed to be blown up by the Politico.

A suspended cop calls for Police force back-up during the rescue of a kidnapped victim. This is cinematic liberty!

Most of the dealings/meetings are supposedly at locations under the flyovers in remote parts of the city.

Aishwarya Rai is presented as a stiff character who is too loud post her daughter’s kidnapping. Louder in her dialogues and more so in her body language.

The film is saved by superlative performances by Irrfan Khan, impressive character of Shabana Azmi, surprisingly low keyed Jackie Shroff and the realistic Atul Kulkarni, the Public Prosecutor.

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Cast of Jazbaa:
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Anuradha Verma
Irrfan Khan as Inspector Yohan
Shabana Azmi
Chandan Roy Sanyal as Miyaaz Shaikh
Jackie Shroff
Atul Kulkarni
Siddhanth Kapoor
Priya Banerjee as Sia
Sara Arjun as Sanaya

Credits of Jazbaa:
Production Companies – Essel Vision Productions, White Feather Films, Viiking Media & Entertaiment
Produced by Sanjay Gupta, Aishwarya Rai, Anuradha Gupta, Nitin Keni, Akash Chawla, Sachin R. Joshi, Raina Joshi
Directed by Sanjay Gupta
Screenplay by Sanjay Gupta, Robin Bhatt
Edited by – Sunil Nayak
Cinematography – Sameer Arya
Music by Sachin-Jigar, Abhishek-Ramya, Arko
Background score – Amar Mohile

Jazbaa – movie review

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