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Humshakals – Film review

Nine Times the fun. It isn't as promised.


Humshakals Film review

3 heroes in triple roles, with a promise of 9 times more fun (3 x 3), Humshakals the latest offering from director Sajid Khan, makes us re-think about Himmatwala (his last outing), though a remake, atleast had some substance and soul in that film.

What could have been an iconic film, the attempt fails miserably right after 15 minutes in the film. Sajid Khan has a fetish for UK locations, throwing punches at the royal family, and this one ends up as a pitiable extension of Houseful 1 and 2 which were far better comedies from the director.

The story is very short and simple (in fact there is no story, plot or screenplay at all). A conniving uncle of a young tycoon Ashok is keen on grabbing the riches and properties of this innocent nephew.

Ram Kapoor is the uncle aka KANS and his nephew is Ashok (Saif Ali Khan). Ashok is seen all throught with Kumar (Riteish Deshmukh), his friend and a director in the board of their family business empire. The story is about these three characters who have their look alikes, and their look alikes too have their look alikes.
Confusing? It really is! The uncle funds an illegal research team of his doctor-friend (Nawwab Shah) who develops a potion so strong that just a drop or two in the drink of the victim, would make him think and behave like a dog.

With this weapon the uncle plans to prove his nephew of unsound mind during a board meeting and get the board vest full power of attorney on his name to grab the fortune.

The premise itself is senseless, which insults the intelligence of a common men. If it were so eary to usurp someone’s wealth, then the world would have been upside down.

The trio is shown to have two pairs of their look-alikes. With their introduction, the story goes on the brainless stream leading to nowhere.

Most irritating part of the film comes in the second half where Ram Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Riteish dress up as girls in mini-skirts and even have a full song on them.

It is disheartening to see Saif Ali Khan accede to do such a thing. Even more silly was of Ram Kapoor to wear skimpiest of clothes and try to act sensuous. Riteish has done it a couple of times before, and can be passed off as a boyish attempt from him.

Eesha Gupta, Tamannah and Bipasha Basu have nothing worthwhile to do except move around as leggy lasses who were included in the script meant to be eye candies. Even the girls disappoint.

The film is neither a brainless comedy like the ‘Silent Comedy’ types nor does it have any sensible humour. It is a sort of street-side humour, even that fails to tickle the audience.

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Cast of Humshakals:
Saif Ali Khan as Ashok
Riteish Deshmukh as Kumar
Bipasha Basu as Nikita
Tamannaah Bhatia as Shanaya
Esha Gupta as Dr. Shivani Gupta
Ram Kapoor as Mamaji (KANS)
Satish Shah as Security officer at Mental Asylum
Chunky Pandey
Akash Khurana
Darshan Jariwala


Credits of Humshakals:

Banner – Fox Star Studios, Pooja Entertainment India Ltd.
Producer – Vashu Bhagnani
Director – Sajid Khan
Story by Sajid Khan
Lyrics – Mayur Puri, Sameer, Shabbir Ahmed
Editor – Bunty Nagi
Music Director – Himesh Reshammiya
Background Music – Sandeep Shirodkar
Choreographers – Ganesh Acharya, Ahmed Khan
Costume Designers – Kunal Rawal, Mohit Rai, Aastha Sharma, Sonia Tommy
Cinematography – Ravi Yadav
Screenplay – Sajid Khan, Robin Bhatt, Akarsh Khurana
Dialogues by Sajid Khan, Adhir Bhatt

Humshakals – movie review