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Ek Se Bure Do – movie review

A comic story of two small time conmen


Ek Se Bure Do, movie review

Ek Se Bure Do is the story of comic escapades of two friends Tony (Arsad Warshi) and Titu (Rajpal Yadav), small-time con men who are equally fascinated with money. They are constantly swindling the Don Jagat Dada (Govind Namdeo) to make quick buck. They are in debt of the Don, and then one day he tells them about a map he’s heard of which reveals the location of treasure. Ek Se Bure Do movie review…

Don Jagat Dada gets Tony and Titu to steal the map from the Archeology Department in exchange for peanuts. The friends disguise themselves as history professors, get hold of the map, but also realize the value of the map just in time. Then they decide to con the Don, and find the treasure themselves, and what ensues is a chase to find these two guys who are hiding in the house where the treasure is hidden.

Ek Se Bure Do is the journey that takes them on a hilarious ride of ups and downs, and eventually leads them to the lovely ladies Gahna (Anita – Natassa) and Payal (Tusha Pandey).

Tony and Titu fall head over heels for the ladies, and do win them over, As they are cunning enough to outsmart Don Jagat Dada, how they face the consequences form rest of the story.

The usually talented guys Arshad Warsi and Rajpal Yadav are loud and appear artificial. A fine actor and even a fine comedian in Munnabhai, this circuit disappoints here, while Rajpal Yadav is shown romancing a girl who looks half his age. The writer is puzzled how both these talented actors have wasted their talent (make hay while the sun shines?).

Rest of the performances are ordinary., while the girls Anita and Trisha Pandey have tried their best and just pass of as okay in this film.

Director and writer Tarique is below the mark with faulty foundation of the basic story, which would have worked about a decade ago. Even the funny moments and jokes are dated in scene after scenes. Music is just average.

Also being underutilized are other actors like Govind Namdeo, Yashpal Sharma, Virendra Saxena. Okay, here Vijay Raaz and Razzak Khan impressive in their parts.

And if all this was not enough, there is an item number that has been picturised on the new item-girl on the block Brinda Parekh. This dusky beauty was last seen in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Corporate.

There are scenes ‘resembling’ the gone by films ‘Jodi No.1’ and ‘Andaz Apna Apna’ and finally the film maker seems to be ‘inspired’ from classic comedy film ‘Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron’ for the climax. What is missing in Ek Se Bure Do is the freshness of comedy films which we see in those being released in these times, except for very few moments of genuine comedy which otherwise is a nonsensical comic film..

Cast of Ek Se Bure Do:
Arsad Warshi – Toti
Rajpal Yadav – Tony
Anita Hassanandani (Natasha) – Payal
Trisha Pandey – Gahna
Razzak Khan – Manu
Govind Namdev – Jagat Dada / Vikramaditya
Virendra Sharma – Multana
Yashpal Sharma – Gullu
Afshaan Qureshi – Akbar
Snehal Dabhi – Balbeer
Jagdeep – Kapoor Thalla
Priya Arya – Maldee
Ajay Bhargav – ACP
Charil – Servant
Brinda Parekh / Yasheem – Item Girls

Credits & Crew of Ek Se Bure Do:
Written and Directed by – Tarique
Produced by – Suresh Seth
Banner – Filmsland Entertainment
Cinematographers – T. Anand Kumar, Shakeel Khan
Editing – Devendra Murdeshwar
Choreographers – Ganesh Acharya, Ricky Gupta, Jojo Khan
Music Director – Ravi Pawar
Screenplay & Dialogues – Bobby Khan, Nissar Akhatar
Cinematography – Shakeel Khan
Lyrics Writers – Panchhi Jalonvai, Nisar Akhatar, Sahil Fatehpuri, Sahab Alabadi, Warriam
Playback Singers – Daler Mahendi, Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shaan, Vinod Rathod, Hema sardesai, Kalpana, Harsh Deep, Shalini Suzain, Mikha
Art – Sanjay Panchal, Deepak Chakraborthy, Yogesh
Costume Designers – Sunitra, Arpana Shah, Rehan Shah
Processed at – Filmlab
Music on – B4U
Ek Se Bure Do, movie review