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Chal Chala Chal – movie review

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Chal Chala Chal, movie review

Chal Chala Chal offers an outdated concept, something that might’ve worked in the 1980s or so. Yet, there is hope in bollywood, thus this effort in roping in Govinda and Rajpal Yadav in an attempt to create some comedy. Chal Chala Chal movie review…

Deepak (Govinda), a young simpleton, has been switching jobs as he does not want to succumb to the corrupt system that exists almost everywhere. Facing financial hardships and an unshaken faith in the judicial systems, he has been supporting his father (Om Puri) an ex-principal of a private school, who is fighting a legal matter since years to get his provident fund and pension, which eventually he gets and wins the case.

The court orders the school to give him some property as compensation, in case of paucity of money in its funds. The school parts with a bus as compensation. Acting on his father’s advice, Deepak decides to put the bus into good use and starts a transport business named Chal Chala Chal.

Here onwards it’s a roller-coaster ride as with other comedy films of Govinda, and here mishaps are more than the commuters. The principled guy that he is, he withstands corruption chases and his father’s happy with him since Deepak looks after the family as the strong backbone in bitter-sweet times.

Rest of his family members – two sisters Chhaya (Upasana Singh) and Arpana (Amita Nangia) and their ghar jamai-husbands (Asrani and Manoj Joshi) had different thing in their minds – to encash the property as well as sell of the bus so that they can earn some share from selling it off.

But Deepak values his father’s judgment and with some financial help coming up from his good friend Sundar (Rajpal Yadav) who is desperately trying for an American Visa, he establishes a company and names it Chal Chala Chal transport.

With Govinda and Rajpal Yadav around there is comedy sprinkled here and there, but not the really funny ones, instead at times the viewer feels rib-tickled.
At such a stage in life, Govinda ought to choose his roles, instead of such a fine actor being reduced to such meaningless roles. Rajpal Yadav is unutilized as well.

Another fine actor Om Puri, is just wasted in this film. Its okay to see Asrani, Manoj Joshi, Razzak Khan, Asif Basra, Murli Sharma, Upasana Singh, Amita Nangia and Reema Sen who try to act their parts yet land up screaming their lungs out.

Only Rajpal Yadav appears to be in top form, with support from Razzak Khan as the bus driver and Asif Basra as the sweet talking conductor who are entertaining.

Though really entertaining at places, Chal Chala Chal, in the second half which wanders off aimlessly. The story keeps moving in a circle and the jokes and gags start falling flat except at some sequences in the bus which make you really laugh out loud.

Cast of Chal Chala Chal:
Deepak – Govinda
Sundar – Rajpal Yadav
Deepak’s father – Om Puri
Deepak’s sisters – Upasana Singh, Amita Nangia
Reema Sen
Murli Sharma
Manoj Joshi
Razzaak Khan

Credits & Crew of Chal Chala Chal:
Presenter: K Sera Sera
Director: T. K. Rajeev Kumar
Producer: G.P.Vijay Kumar, Manna Shetty, Dharmesh Raj Kotia
Music Directors: Sunil Jha, Anu Malik, Anand Raj Anand
Chal Chala Chal, movie review