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Blue – movie review

Bollywood’s most expensive Underwater Action thriller


Blue, movie review

Blue is Bollywood’s first action thriller shot underwater and it’s a Rupees 100 Crores film as claimed by the producers.

The deep blue Pacific Ocean lures everyone with promises of a large treasure. And like all treasures, it is not easy to reach. Guarded by sharks and the wild waters it is still waiting to be discovered. Blue movie review…

A treasure lays buried deep at the bottom of an ocean. A British ship by the name ‘Lady in Blue’ full of treasure, sank while on its way to India. There are many people who want to get there by risking life, be it theirs or someone else’s.

Blue starts off quite well with a brilliantly shot sequence where Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt drive out a Shark from their underwater net. There are some breathtaking underwater shots, well conceived superb action scenes in this film which lacks a storyline.

Sagar (Sanjay Dutt), Aarav (Akshay Kumar) and Sam (Zayed Khan) are three friends who go hunting for the treasure buried underwater. Each one of them is guided by his own reasons. Sagar is thinking only of his girlfriend Mona (Lara Dutta) and his brother, Aarav is looking for a risky adventure, and Sam needs it to get himself out of some trouble.

Three friends Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt and Zayed Khan dive deep in the ocean to hunt for the treasure. But not everything is as it seems. Greed can do strange things even to the most honest men.

Most of the film Blue has been shot in the Bahamas. Akshay, Sanjay and Zayed swam with real sharks while shooting their stunts in the film.

Sanjay Dutt is just about okay as usual, Akshay Kumar needs to work hard in his next movie to make up for this horrible role. In fact these guys irritate at times while referring to each other as ‘sethji’ and ‘sarkar’. It appears artificial and amateurish.

Zayed Khan looks uncomfortable looks like a lost puppy all throughout. The otherwise cute Katrina Kaif is unbearable with her nasal hinglish. It’s the curvy Lara Dutta who is a treat to watch. She’s sizzling and is the only relaxed actor in the film whether she is in a bikini or at a carnival.

Music is something great with credit to AR Rahman and Kylie Minogue’s Chiggy Wiggy track is already a big hit. We have fine background score by Resul Pookutty..

Blue does not have a storyline as such, and even confirmed by the director Anthony D’Souza who mentioned that he wanted to make a Fast and Furious type of an action film in Hindi. In the beginning and many times in between, it appears like the director is confused what to show, so he just lets his underwater cameraman exploit the undersea beauty.

Haven’t we seen a lot of those in National Geographic and other channels?

So we neither have a proper storyline in Blue nor is it a slick action film.

Cast of Blue:
Sanjay Dutt – Sagar “Sethji” Singh
Akshay Kumar – Aarav “Sarkar” Malhotra
Lara Dutta – Mona
Zayed Khan – Sameer “Sam” Singh
Kabir Bedi – Jagat Malhotra
Katrina Kaif – Nikki
Rahul Dev – Gulshan
Kylie Minogue – Special Appearance in song Chiggy Wiggy

Credits & Crew of Blue:
Produced by Dhilin Mehta
Directed by Anthony D’Souza
Written by Anthony D’Souza
Screenplay – Bryan Sullivan
Music by A. R. Rahman
Cinematography Laxman Utekar
Editing by Shyam Salgaonkar
Lyrics – Abbas Tyrewala
Line Producer – Bahamas : Bryan Odom
Original Music by A.R. Rahman
Film Editing by Shyam K. Salgonkar
Assistant Directors- Drew Bailey, James Bomalick, April Y. Smith
Sound Design – Resul Pookutty
Sound Department – Kunal Rajan, Rick Owens, Kyle Billingsley
Special Effects – Jim Boulden, Alex Hill, Allan B. Holt, Adam Howarth
Visual Effects – Praveen Bareria, Michael D’Sa, Anish Holla, Ashutosh Khandelwal, Yatin Vij
Stunts – Andrew Scott Dixon, Alex Hill, Scott Workman
Underwater Director of Photography – Peter Zuccarini
Underwater Camera – Erik Curtis, Sean P. Gilbert
Camera – Patrick Longman, Kenny Rivenbark, Anthony Zibelli,
Choreographer – Farah Khan
Blue, movie review