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Main Khudiram Bose Hun: Sushant Sahni’s filmy debut

Sushant Sahni in Main Khudiram Bose Hun

Sushant Sahni plays the character of Praful Chakki in the just launched film ‘Main Khudiram Bose Hun’. The film is based on the earliest freedom struggle sometime around 1890 when the British ruled over India is about the life of Khudiram Bose, the lesser know patriotic leader. 

Praful Chakki is an accomplice to Khudiram Bose. This young teenagers are selected for a mission to eliminate Kingsfort, a ruthless British officer who treated Indians as slaves and the atrocities of this satanic British officer had reached its height.

Praful Chakki is an important character in Khudiram Bose’s life. Praful’s background is that his father was an upright school teacher and a freedom fighter who was mercilessly killed by Kingsfort. This young boy’s sole mission in life is to avenge his father’s death by killing the tyrant.

Sushant reveals a bit about Praful Chakki’s life, “Despite meticulous planning, this duo unfortunately miss the target, and while on the run, Khudiram Bose is captured by the British soldiers, Praful Chakki prefered to end his own life by shooting himself.”

Sushant is from Uttar Pradesh and makes his debut in the filmytown with this film. He was associated with the writer Dheeraj Mishra during the research and scripting of this freedom struggle drama.

“Apart from the inputs received from Dheeraj Mishra, I have done extensive research on this lesser know martyr who partnered Khudiram Bose during the initial stages of India’s freedom struggle,” says Sushant with pride.

A BBA from Delhi, Sushant has modelled for several print shoots, endorsed a few products and was active in Splistvilla, and now is keen to focus towards a full time acting career in Bollywood.

“I am blessed with a break with such senior and talented actors like Rituparnaji, who is ever willing to instill confidence in a newcomer like me,” reveals the grateful youngster.

When asked that there have been several films on freedom struggle featuring famous martyrs, whats different in Main Khudiram Bose Hun, Sushant quipped, “The USP of this film is that it educates the present generation of the lesser know youngest freedom fighters who were one of the pioneers of the movement”.

“Our film is a tribute to two teenagers who give up their lives for the country during the initial stages of the freedom movement which gathered momentum thereafter,” adds Sushant.

Directed by Bhanu Prakash Jha, the film features Rituparna Sen Gupta as Khudiram Bose’s older sister, Imran Hasnee, Kanishk Kumar Jain, Sushant Sahni and Roopa Ganguli. Writen by Dhiraj Mishra and produced by Ashok Sahni the unit just completed a three-day schedule in Mumbai.

Main Khudiram Bose Hun is a film about Midnapur born Khudiram Bose who was hanged at the age of 18. Khudiram, a teenage student became a martyr by walking on the path of revolution. This freedom fighter would plant bombs near police stations and attack government officials.

Eventually, he was arrested on the charges of conducting a series of bomb attacks. The specific bombing for which he was sentenced to death resulted in the deaths of 3 persons. Praful Chakki was his accomplice during the final mission of their lives.


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