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‘Jyoti- A light of hope’ should inspire rural women – Rroshni Tak

Jyoti, A light of Hope

Actress Rroshni Tak was impressed with a friend’s idea on the upliftment of rural women, so this talented lady took up the lead to produce a short film with a message for the rural womenfolk. Rroshni wove a story around this issue and handed it writer Prem Baniya who scripted the film.

‘Jyoti – A Light of Hope’ which is dedicated to women of India fighting against all odds for their right of equality and respect of work in modern society.

Rroshni Tak has done several films – Dekh Indian circus with Nawazuddin Siddique and Tanishka Chatterjee, then during the last year, a lead role in Rajasthani film ‘Sawariya Seth’ (based on a devotee of a famous Lord Krishna Temple in Chittor) and her upcoming regional film is set to release on 10th December in Assam – ‘Banned Love Stories’. In Television her work is endless with Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chasma, Crime Patrol, Chidiya Ghar, Savdhaan, Zindgai Ek Bhawar among others.

After deeply digging into the subject coupled with research of the state of women in remote villages of India, team Jyoti decided to shoot a movie for women. “Being a producer it is a very responsible thing, and this film gave me a perspective of the hurdles and tensions a producer goes thru the making of his film. Till now I have only been an actress and never had any idea about the uphill tasks of a producer. Jyoti has given me a realistic perspective of the grind a producer has to go through,” Rroshni said.

So what made her take up this subject? “Women folk, especially in rural India are still very backward and deprived of basic opportunities of development. I also heard stories of young women take up learning technical professions which are being offered free by the Prime Minister’s schemes. Then our team worked at identifying ground level issues and shot the movie with realistic story and actual locations over a fortnight’s schedule. They gathered all the issues faced by women in India in their journey of making a livelihood despite several schemes floated by the government for the enhancement for their development,” replied the first time producer.

“Our team thus chose the topic ‘Jyoti – A Light of Hope’ to showcase the Protagonist in pursue of skill development and claiming the right of livelihood and the pertinent issues faced during her endeavor.”

“This is the journey of girl struggling to choose her career fighting the mentality of society and facing issues everywhere, even from home. Though all odds are stacked against her, she struggles and emerges with flying colors just like a Jyoti- A light of hope (a dedication to all that strugglers have within them),” she added.

“With this film, the message I want to convey to every lady in backward areas is that you can stand on your own with the help of various governmental schemes and this is a realistic motivational narration that would incite any female to work hard to make her dream come true. Likewise, I too have come across in the industry purely on my own,” Rroshni ended.

Cast and Crew:
Rroshni Tak
Askok Vyas
Anita Maheshwari
Urmi Bhandari
Manju Soni
Shyam Yadav
Mahesh Mahawar
Screen play – Prem Baniya
Story- Rroshni Tak
Directed by- Shubhraj
Co Producer – Prashant Kaushal / Synergy
Promotion partner- Swarveena Foundation
Jyoti – A Light of Hope, short film

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