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Southpaw premiers in New York

Heavyweights of Hollywood like Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams along with host of other big names attending the Premiere of Southpaw in New York. Rachel chose to bare her midriff through her all black outfit and stunned all, while Jake looked handsome in his grey suit. Youth favorites like rapper Eminem and 50 cent also graced the event. They will…

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Nightcrawler, Hollywood film
An engrossing thriller about an unemployed, part time thief who rises to become an owner of the most competitive business in the American television industry. Every night, while the city sleeps, motley crews armed with fast cars, expensive video cameras and blaring police radios prowl the sprawling Los Angeles basin in search of a story. These freelance stringers, known as nightcrawlers, hunt for crashes, fires, murder and other mayhem in hopes of selling the footage to local TV news. Pin-balling from one police scene to the next, they are driven by a simple equation that converts crime and victims into dollars and cents. An unemployed man Loius Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) turns a petty thief stealing wire meshes and other metal scrap which he sells at half the price. This thief has the inclination to turn ethical in life. But who would give a job to a thief? Driving around the streets la ....
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