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Raveena Mehta sings for Rahul Jain’s composition KEH NA SAKU

Raveena Mehta Keh Na Saku

Raveena Mehta’s Keh Na Saku has been shot amid the quaint surroundings of Europe and the beautiful locales of London’s Notting Hill having an upscale backdrop and is iconic for its remnants of its Bohemian past.

Now singer Raveena Mehta is the official female voice of Rahul Jain’s composition ‘Keh Na Saku’.

Despite the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, India’s independent artists have ensured to spread a great source of hope, positivity and entertainment through their various artform. One such artist is singer Raveena Mehta who has contributed some wonderful songs to add to their playlist. Raveena has worked with renowned artists like Avitesh Shrivastava, Rishi Rich, Rishabh Kant, and Asad Shabbir.

This is the first time she has collaborated with the phenomenal Rahul Jain as they release the official female track of Rahul Jain’s hit song Keh Na Saku.

When we asked Raveena about the song and the music video she said, “This has been a wonderful project to work on. Rahul and I met in 2018 and stayed in touch, I’m glad that we were able to work on something remotely. When I heard Keh Na Saku for the first time, I fell in love with it. The overall experience working with Rahul was brilliant and I look forward to more collaborations with him.”

The music video was shot in the streets of London’s Notting-hill, as its quaint surroundings suit the soul of the song. This song will be launched on Raveena’s YouTube channel on the 23rd of December.

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