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Now my focus is on Bollywood: Ravi Kishan

Ravi Kishan post elections

Ravi Kishan’s first interview post the General Elections

Having contested as a Congress party’s Candidate in this general election from Jounpur, Uttar Pradesh, unfortunately, he did not win. Post the election results, he is back to his work, and in Mumbai he shot for his upcoming Bhojpuri film – ’Baazigar’.

In between the takes, here is what Ravi Kishan has to share with us about his experience during the elections:

What about the delays and losses of your upcoming films while you were canvassing for the elections?
No, actually I already had conveyed to all the producers before the elections about my candidature, and that time I had not made any new commitments and wasn’t signing any films. Even then some other problems cropped, and since most of my shooting was at standstill, and most importantly a Marathi film’s dubbing was left incomplete, but now that I have returned and hope to finish it asap.


Ravi Kishan post elections

Currently what are your running projects?
I have 5 to 6 films on the floor in Hindi and Bhojpuri, and one my Marathi film ’Madhayam Varg’ for which dubbing was remaining, which I have almost completed, and then for one hindi film I will have to go to Italy. Right now, I am shooting for a Bhojpuri film titled as ‘Baazigar’.

Which of your films can the audience expect to see in the coming months?
My upcoming Hindi film is’ Desi Magic’ with Amisha Patel and then the shooting for a couple of Hindi films is progressing at a hectic pace and my fans would be in for a pleasant surprise.

Have you come to terms with the new government at the centre?
The only expectation I have from this new government to dole out proposals which shall be conducive for our Bhojpuri culture and also the Bhojpuri film industry since this is the only industry facing various problems.

Your friend Manoj Tiwari has won, have you accepted this fact?
Yes I called to congratulate him and I also expect from him to do work for our Bhojpuri Language and our Bhojpuri Industry.

Why don’t the people go to see Bhojpuri films with their family?
To be honest, the Bhojpuri cinema halls are so dirty and most of them are released in odd locations, and then the audience expected is of a pit class. Hence we cannot expect our sisters and mother to go the the cinema halls with such an atmosphere around.

How was your election experience?
Oh. It was a very good experience, since I came across various types of people all over. Though in Jaunpur the Congress party didn’t have any foothold, I thought I should take the initiative to promote my Bhojpuri Culture and hence I decide to stand from congress.

Are you disappointed that you have not won in the elections?
No, I am not dejected, as immediately after the election I started concentrating on my work, shooting and now I keep myself  very much busy. Yes it is a bit odd when I am not shooting, then that is the period when I feel gloomy about the election outcome. But this is life, and one must go on.

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