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The intent is to make a difference: Sohum

Sohum Shah, whose Ship of Theseus won critical acclaim, hails from a small town, Sri Ganganagar in Rajasthan, a place with meagre population. The actor has an established real estate business there.

He says, “It is only after I reached the peak of the family business — that I’d established at an early age — that I felt the need to explore life’s meaning and purpose. In a certain sense, my film was the catalyst.”

The actor says as soon as he read the script of the Ship of Theseus, he decided not only to act in it but also to produce it. “I wanted to attach my name to a philosophical and profound film and this was just the right venture,” he says.

Besides garnering accolades for his performance from noteworthy film personalities, the actor was even praised by filmmaker Deepa Mehta, who went so far as to describe him as, “the most brilliant discovery of the year.” He concludes, “Being appreciated for my craft is encouraging. The intent is to make a difference and set a precedent.”


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