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Haunted Child – Premier pics

The Cast and crew of Haunted Child held a special premiere of its horror flick.

Haunted Child talks about Girl Child Killing. “According to me, From Celebrity to a Common Man to an entire Nation, Every one are talking about Save The Girl Child effort. But how many of us are seriously taking any stands?” said Salim Raza, the director.

The gorgeous Piyu Chauhan observed “It disappointing to see good, Well-Made and Message oriented films go down without getting proper release in cinemas. I hope our film doesn’t meet the same fate”.

Haunted Child is the story of Tanya, a small town who comes to city to become a model. She befriends Deepak, a Fashion Photographer and they fall in love. Tanya gets pregnant and it is Deepak’s land lord Mannisha who wants adopt Tanya’s child.
They take Tanya to a lonely place where she can deliver the child without any hassles. Tanya delivers a baby girl. All hell breaks loose when the new born girl get killed. The new born girl’s soul comes back to seek revenge.

Haunted Child has been released across cinema halls on 23 August 2013.

Banner: Classic Elegant Production
Producer:Piyush Chauhan
Director:Salim Raza
Star cast: Piyu Chauhan, Varun Kumar, Hina Rajput, Pankaj Berry, Mushtaq Khan, Shakti Kapoor
Music: Sayed Ahmed
Singer: Sayed Ahmed, Deblina

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