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Dillzan’s upbeat about Bollywood Villa 3 D

Dillzan Wadia upbeat about his next: Bollywood Villa- 3D

Dillzan Wadia upbeat about his next: Bollywood Villa- 3D


Tall dark and handsome is the general opinion. Dillzan Wadia is a young, handsome and a fair dude to watch out for in Bollywood. He has 3 movies coming shortly. Shooting for Basement commences in July which is produced by Pravin Chudasama and Gautam Bafna, in combination with Durgesh Paul Productions. This will be followed by another movie with Durgeshji.

Bollywood has a new Producer-Actor jodi in the industry!

Dillzan plays Vishal in the forthcoming thriller. We caught up with him and heres what he had to say about his forthcoming Bollywood Villa 3 D:

What is “Bollywood Villa 3 D ” all about?
Bollywood Villa is about exposing the good and bad about film industry. It is a taut thriller based and set on the film industry. How the film industry treats the new comer talented girls and guys who enter the industry and about how a film unit faces problems when one by one someone else or the other start getting murdered on the set. It is how the crew reacts to it. Is it supernatural or is it a plot to achieve something Bigger? That is Bollywood Villa what the movie is about – full of suspense & thrills.

Could you elaborate something about “Vishal” – your character in the Film?
Vishal is the central protagonist of the movie. He comes in after mysterious deaths happen on the set. Vishal is a character who hates writer, director actors who tries to exploit and molest new comer girls in the film.

Vishal tries to keep everything in check on the sets. In one word vishal plays role of real hero in the film.

Dillzan Wadia's next: Bollywood Villa- 3D

What made you say YES to this film?
The script. In one word it was the script which made me say yes. Another aspect has to be the vision of Durgesh Ji to come up with the idea of mixing thriller and suspense in 3D. I was convinced with his vision. And if you see the VFX of the movie you will see that the 3D elements keep you engrossed in the movie.

So there is Suspense and Thrill of Bollywood Villa 3 D ?
We can’t let that out of the bag. Please watch the movie for that.

Dillzan Wadia's next: Bollywood Villa- 3D

This movie is About Bollywood our Film Industry. What is so special about it in terms of the story?
Yes, the film is set with the backdrop of our Film Industry. And what keeps you engrossed in the story is that everyone in the film has grey shades to them. Till the last frame you will not be able to figure out what is causing the murders. Is there some supernatural force causing the murders or is there some one actually killing the crew members.

How would you describe this film in one sentence?

I just need a word – Thrilling!

Any special moments attached with the film?
I think the crew which I worked with was amazing. We had a great time shooting for the film. Even post production was a great experience. Adding another dimension to the movie, making 3 D a reality was a great learning and experience for me.

What is the USP of the movie ?
You have to watch the 3D effects. A special shout out to Scopio for doing a wonderful job with the 3D & VFX and making every frame just stunning and beautiful.

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