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This December is a comical Gujarati adventure!

First ever Gujarati film produced in India to be distributed in over 100 screen nationwide.

This December promises to be quite the comical adventure with the release of a family comedy entitled, “Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd.” The star cast includes Rajeev Mehta (of “Khichdi” fame), Vrajesh Hirjee, Dinesh Hingoo, Shekhar Shukla, Soniya Shah, Karan Ashar and Samvedna Suwalka.

“Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd” (directed by Raghuvir Joshi) is about a rich family, based in Mumbai, caught up in their own lives and are all of the sudden forced to go live in a village called… Antillapur – where money has no value! Now how will this money-minded family survive in Antillapur? Will the crazy villagers force them to unite?

The film’s producer, Anand Doshi, says “As Gujaratis, if we can watch Hindi films, if we can watch English films, my question is why don’t we go watch Gujarati films?

The problem seems to lie in the content. If we represent the Gujarati youth, our team aims to bring about change. Be it a “Kevi Rite Jaish” or “Happy Familyy Pvt Ltd,” our objective is to reach out to the youth – we want to make watching Gujarati films cool!”

Guess we will only find out just how cool on December 6th 2013!

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