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Rajamouli’s Baahubali’s songs video won’t be released before film’s release

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SS Rajamouli has decided to not release the video of the songs of his upcoming film BAAHUBALI on TV before release

Aditya Chopra, for his big budget last release (Dhoom 3) chose to not keep any songs in the film when shown on TV; and now, Rajamouli, too, has decided to cut off a big budget song from the film for its TV release.

Aditya Chopra is known for his larger than life films. The director producer makes it a point to give a spectacular viewing to his audiences.

For Dhoom 3, he did not release the video of the songs on television or online. While the audio of the songs were out, Aditya did not want to ruin the scale of the film by showing it on a small screen. The song was to be experience on a large screen.

Taking inspiration from Aditya Chopra, SS Rajamouli too has decided to not release the video of the songs of his upcoming film BAAHUBALI. Rajamouli’s next will be touching film scale on another level. While the trailer of the film has been mesmerising, the songs of the film are an awe experience in itself.

The director wants the audiences to come and watch the songs on the big screen so as to be able to experience it in its full glory.

The audio of a romantic song of the film with be soon released. The song is against the waterfall sequence which is one of the most important sequences in the film.

The entire song will be glorifying the massive waterfall. The director thinks that watching this on a small screen will not be the same kind of experience as it would be to watch it on the big screen.

It takes a lot of guts by the makers to swim against the tide meaning songs are strong promotional tools. And you get a lot of free space for songs on music channels.

It’s a chief marketing tool for the film

So when you say you are not releasing a song you are actually taking a huge decision.

Rajamouli is extremely confident as he feels people will get floored on big screen

SS Rajamouli confirms the news and adds, ” We would not be releasing the song on TV as it’s a much better experience watching it on large screen in theatres”

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