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Aishwarye Choubey launches Kabhi Kabhi Video album & Beauty Calendar

Aishwarye Choubey - Kabhi Kabhi

Meet Salman Khan’s latest die-hard fan Aishwarye Choubey

One look at Aishwarye Choubey and one can’t help but notice the striking resemblance the girl bears to Salman Khan’s former flame Aishwarye Rai. The same light eyes, enchanting smile, straight nose and every other facial feature reminds one immediately of the former Miss World. But apart from looking eerily similar to Aishwarye Rai, Miss Choubey also shares one great fascination. She wants to be near Salman for she adores the superstar more than anybody else in this world.

Hailing from North, Aishwarye first landed in Mumbai during the shoot of Ek Tha Tiger and was only able to catch a slight glimpse of Salman. Disappointed she went back but is back now with renewed vigour and is eager to chase her dream in meeting Salman.

Aishwarye is also a brilliant sketch artist and has sketched many portraits including some of Salman. Says Aishwarye, “I have got into acting now hoping I will get to meet Salman. I am not really interested in acting. I just want to meet Salman.”

Ask her what she will do when she meets Salman, Aishwarye says, “I will adore him and would want to be next to him at all times.”

The girl will reportedly soon be seen making her debut in Akira.

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