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Urvashi Chaudhary – still ‘NOT OUT’, of her love for Cricket

The CCL fever has died down, still Urvashi is in her cricketing world!

The hottie brand ambassador of CCL, Urvashi Chaudhary has taken off time from her busy shooting schedule and now faces the arc lights to shoot her stills in cricket gear.

Urvashi Chaudhary is a known model and actress is busy these days as she is going different city to support cricket team.

She loves cricket so much that she decided to shoot with the complete cricket kit comprising of a cricket bat, gloves, t-shirt and wearing pads.

Her excitement was evident every time when she was on ground with the teams.

Now that the matches are over, so she decided to shoot and be in love with cricket.

Urvashi will be seen in a hindi film very soon.

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