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Saad – Marathi movie

Longing for a loved one with inner desire

It is the story of an affectionate family based in Malaysia. Rahul, the only son  of the affluent Mr and Mrs Devasthali is adored by his parents.

24 years old Rahul (Analesh Desai) is a handsome young guy, hardworking and a loving son of his parents. Sarika (Avantika Salian) has come down from India to finish her project, and with help from Rahul, who is her boss, she finishes her project before time.

In the process, Sarika is in love with Rahul, and Rahul’s parents too have approved of this simple, yet beautiful girl.

Rahul gets promoted in his company, and he has two options, to head his company’s office either in theUSAor inIndia. Unsure about his decision, Rahul decides to get an answer with his father’s help using a Planchet. (Planchet is a chart and with its help one can invite the spirit of a lost one to get answers about the unknown).

Rahul, politely evokes the presence of his paternal grandmother’s spirit as the Planchet is being work on teamed with his dad. Instead his maternal grandmother’s spirit is connected to and it insists Rahul to go and find out his real mother who has given him birth.

He is in a dilemma. Should he proceed further or just leave some unknown facts as they are. Like the wise ones say – Never try to find the origins of a river and the same goes for a saint. Certain matters in life have to be left as it is. It is wise not to dig further for truth.

Anyway, Rahul is hell bent to come toIndiaand find out whereabouts of his mother and discovers she is ailing and longing for him.

The film is racy especially in the first half, with high production values. It is a thriller, except for its slow pace towards the climax.

The macho boy with chocolate looks – Analesh Desai is bright, chirpy and then quite intense as he finds the truth. He has a bright future. Avantika Salian is beautiful. There are good performances from Ila Bhate, Arun Nalawade and Yatin Karyekar. Prasad Pandit in a cameo makes an impact. The story is fine, and it is complemented with slick direction and a commendable cinematography.

Saad is a fun filled family drama. A film with substance.


Analesh Desai – Rahul Devasthali
Avantika Salian – Sarika
Ila Bhate – Rahul's landlord in Mumbai
Arun Nalawade – Sarika's father (Advocate)
Yatin Karyekar – Rahul's father
Prasad Pandit – Orphanage Caretaker
Ravi Patwardhan – Judge
Sanjeevani Jadhav
Bhagyashree Rane
Vivek Pandkar
Mayur Pawar
Yashwant Chopde
Sheetal Karnjikar


Banner: Abhiruchi Films
Story: Anand Mhasvekar
Story & Screenplay developed by: Arati Anand & Deepak Dewoolkar
Dialogue: Arati Anand & Deepak Dewoolkar
Lyrics: Arati Anand
Music: Arvind Haldipur
Cinematography: Manjunath B. Nayaka
Editor: Umesh Rane
Dance Sequences: Narendra Pandit & Phulwa Khamkar
Art Designer: Digambar Talekar
Play back singer: Devki Pandit, Vaishali Samant, Swapnil Bandodkar & Sangeet Haldipur
Sound: Suresh Paswan

Producer and Director: Hemant Dabhade


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