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Red Dot Film Festival

The Red Dot Film Festival is an initiative by WIFT India to screen, to share and to discuss films.

Red is a colour traditionally associated with Indian women. It is a symbol that is granted and taken away from them by the society.

Red is courage, Red is strength. Red is our colour.

In 2012 women from all across the nation won the National Award in films for fields as diverse as costume design, voice narration, editing, and dialogues and so on.

WIFT and Films Division brings you the opportunity to watch these films for the first time in Mumbai and also gave the opportunity to meet the National Award winning filmmakers as they attend the screening.

The screening was held for three days this week at Films Division, Peddar Road, Mumbai. Four films were screened every day. (Both short and feature length)

On the final day of the screening, there was an informal networking evening for film enthusiast, filmmakers and friends from the fraternity to interact with each other.

WIFT India is a not-for-profit organisation that encourages and supports women in film and television. The screenings were free for WIFT INDIA members, while others attended by booking their tickets online:

Riddhi Wallia is the Media Director, WIFT India

WIFT India board
Petrina D’Rozario
Uma D’Cunha
Riddhi Wallia
WIFT India advisory board
Kiran Rao
Shobhaa De
Anupama Chopra
Zarina Mehta
Vandana Malik
Jerroo Mulla
Paromita Vohra
Sooni Taraporewala
Ashni Parekh
Ashvini Yardi
Lynn D’Souza

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