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Ravindra Jain, Anup Jalota launch Padma Binani foundation

Anup Jalota & Padma Binani

Ravindra Jain, Anup Jalota & Shekhar Sen launched Padma Binani foundation three albums at Nehru Center

Padma Binani Foundation,established by Smt Padma Binani is an organisation that works to preserve and promote Indian culture and art through its three wings: Vatsalya, Akshar and Suranjali.Through Vatsalya, we seek to encourage writing for children in regional languages. With our annual award for children’s literature, we felicitate deserving writers. Akshar is our publication wing where several regional works are translated into Hindi and other regional languages, making them available to a wider audience. Suranjali, our musical wing, makes music albums to celebrate our traditional and devotional music that carries cultural significance.


The Foundation was established by Smt Padma Binani. As a child she witnessed her family being actively involved in India’s freedom struggle. From her family she inherited a deep affinity for Indian culture and literature.She started the Padma Binani Foundation after the death of her husband, Shri Ghanshyam Binani, who was a leading industrialist, connoisseur of art and culture and a visionary of his times.


Through its musical wing Suranjali, the Foundation has now created a music album called ‘Mangal Roop Nidhaan Saavro’. The album has 3 CDs celebrating ‘Ushn Kaal’ or summer, ‘Sheet Kaal’ or winter and ‘Janmashtami’ or Lord Krishna’s birth. The songs honour the Haveli Sangeet tradition of Indian semi-classical music, and have been performed by the Tailang brothers, Shri Gokulendu and Shri Gaurav, who are contemporary masters of this dying genre.


Haveli Sangeet is traditional temple music sung in praise of Lord Krishna. It carries a rich, historical legacy of nearly 500 years. Haveli Sangeet consists of songs written by saint-poets set to ragas of Indian classical music and sung in the dhrupad style. Over time, unfortunately, it has lost its popularity and exponents.Haveli Sangeet has a rich repertoire of songs celebrating Holi, the festival of colours. This Holi, Padma Binani Foundation attempts to revive the great musical form with release of its music album. The album was released in the presence of revered artists and recognised dignitaries such as renowned musicians Shri Anup Jalota and Shekhar Sen, senior music director Shri Ravindra Jain, noted Dhrupad exponent Shri Uday Bhawalkar . The album release was followed by a musical programme featuring beautiful ‘padas’ based on the ‘Pushti Marg Krishna Leela’ sung by the Tailang brothers.


All in all, it was an enchanting evening of captivating and soul-stirring music celebrating its rich historical and cultural significance, graced by the presence of renowned artists like Nitin Mukesh and Dharmesh Tiwari and enthusiastic guests.

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