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Ranbir Kapoor is UNESCO-Nepal’s Education Ambassador

Ranbir Kapoor UNESCO

Unesco Nepal hopes for Ranbir as the Education for all ambassador

Heart throb of the nation’s teeny boppers, Ranbir Kapoor could well don a new avatar.

For The National Federation of Unesco Clubs, Centres and Associations of Nepal would like the Kapoor scion to be the Brand Ambassador for the social campaign of ‘Education for All’ in Nepal.

The UNESCO has requested Chief Patron of Education for All, Vinod Khetawat (president of Tirumala Seven Hills-India) to rope in the young Kapoor as Unesco Nepal’s – International Ambassador for the Education for All campaign.

“We feel Ranbir Kapoor’s words will be taken seriously as Nepal has always held the Kapoor family in high esteem.

We have sent him our messages and hopefully he will give the nod,” says Khetawat.

Looks like the young Kapoor scion has a serious educational responsibility coming up!

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