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Love in Tension releases in May ’14

Love in Tension

Director Geeta Tomar is almost ready with her Comedy film – Love in Tension. She prefers to be specific, calling it a ‘clean’ comedy film with a bit of suspense.

She has finished shoot of the entire film in just 25 days. They had a single schedule of almost a month and the major part of the film is shot in Karnal and in-and-around Delhi locales.

The final editing commenced on 1st February at J. M. Edits Studio at Motilal Nagar in Goregaon Bombay.
Love in Tension introduces all new comers, with Sameer Chaudhary and Neha Rathod being the prime characters, with Ashwini, Alliena Khan, Aayush and Mala Rawat.

The only known faces are Tinaa Ghaai and Shradha Sharma (of BIG BOSS Season 5). Shradha is in for a just a bit that of an item number song.

Says Geeta,” The film is somewhat in Hinglish, which is quite what the present generation is, and hence the title of the film is in English”

“The film has 5 songs and has mostly Haryanvi characters and is a situational comedy about a young girl and aunty who return from abroad and have lost everything. Hence their comeback to native place where they are informed that Rupees fifty crores are kept as reserves, somewhere hidden in their ancestoral house in Karnal. ”

Other characters in the film are unemployed and good for nothing fresh graduates who get a whiff of the hidden treasure, and hence apply all means to enter that house in whatever position – even that of servants and cooks.

Having a degree in Mass Communication from IMS Noida, and having started her career by writing in Television and Theatre, Geeta Tomar has directed quite of few ads, discs and a feature film – Mr Majnu. This is her most ambitious project and she is upbeat about it.

Neha Rathod plays Anshika, who returns to India with her aunty (masi) Tinaa Ghaai. Before the commencement of the shooting schedule, a 15 days workshop was co-ordinated by Geeta Tomar which helped in the newcomers losing their inhibitions and getting into the mould.

Love in Tension is scheduled to release in May 2014.

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Banner – J. M. Productions
Produced by: M. S. Nagar, Rajesh Chaudhary, Sanjay Poswal
Directed by Geeta Tomar and Prakash Singh
Story – Prakash Singh
Director of Photography: Rakesh Khatri
Lyrics: Vikash Jha
Music: Vinay Vinayak and Vikash Jha
Dances: Sanjay Sharma and Vishaal

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