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Karan Sharma turns spiritual for series of short films

Karan Sharma, who is currently seen in Pavitra Rishta as Sunny is winning accolades for his chocolaty boy looks.  He has shot a couple of short films based on the life of a spiritual leader.

While he was doing Bandini, he received call from his friend who told him that someone is looking for an actor who can portray JP Vaswani. Karan went for the audition and luckily got selected.

Playing JP Vaswani, who is the head of Vaswani Mission was not easy for Karan. He did a lot of research before entering into the shoes of this spiritual leader. “Vasvani ji is a charismatic person with disarming smile. It was really very difficult to portray him gracefully. In the series of short films you will see me varying from a 15 years’ young lad to 90 years’ old man. I read a lot about him, saw his old videos and spent time with him,” says Karan.

The first film was directed by Rajan Khosa, who has won many national and international film awards. Aamir Khan came to inaugurate Sadhu Vasvani museum in Pune, where he saw first instalment of the series. Karan was on cloud nine after receiving kind appreciation from Mr. Perfectionist.

Recently Karan went to Jakarta because JP Vasvani’s  followers from Indonesia wanted to shoot one of the series there. JP Vasvani is universally acclaimed as a writer, philosopher, orator and messiah of ahimsa. The series of documentary film in which Karan played JP Vasvani will be released soon in DVD’s.

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