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Kaanchi visits her house in Uttaranchal

Subhash Ghai and his unit of 150 artistes and technicians of ‘Kaanchi ‘have moved to the valleys of flowers in Uttaranchal to visit the house of kaanchi and shoot her love story by picturising songs and scenes by director Subhash Ghai.
Subhash Ghai’s new find Mishti plays the title role of kaanchi, she was selected out of more than 530 girls personally interviewed by Subhash Ghai himself from all over India.

It’s a dramatic journey of 18 years old girl from mountains to metro city from innocence to realization; evolution followed by a revolution, which wakes up, and inspires today youth against corruption of power.
‘Its entertaining film with a deep message behind it’ says Ghai.
Ismail Darbar and Salim Suleman provide the music with ethnic and modern flavour on the lyrics of Irshad kamil. Rishi kapoor and Mithun Chakrovarthy play the power in money and politics.

The film will be released around August this year.
‘Mishti is one of the most talented new heroine I have ever found. She is just fantastic. You have to see her performance in kaanchi to believe me. She is another superstar in the wing this year ‘ claims Subhash Ghai confidently.

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