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Heart Specialist, a Producer, a Dream Project – Patiala Dreamz

Anmol Kapoor speaks his heart out talking about his upcoming venture Patiala Dreamz

Canada based Heart specialist Anmol Kapoor who having produced documentaries, feature films is producing Patiala Dreamz, a Punjabi Film with the international touch.

Patiala Dreamz which is a Bollywood test as Anmol Kapoor claims is a project he has given his heart & soul too. With a thought that the best way to educate communities globally would be the most sought after Entertainment Industry.

The Canada based heart specialist Anmol Kapoor brilliantly explains, “I am making a movie the audiences would love to watch, a typical socio-drama film. You go buy a ticket & the proceeds go to, an organization treating the cancer patients.”

Anmol Kapoor who intends to educate the South Asian communities India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh & he is of the opinion that a community helps community.

Patiala Dreamz is not just a typecast Punjabi film, having renowned Punjabi actors, the movie is backed by Bollywood artistes & singers & a Bollywood production house is involved.  Anmol Kapoor with the larger picture of his movie Patiala Dreamz mentions, “Patiala Dreamz will be dubbed in many languages, I’m not looking towards marketing only in the South Asian nations but also Russia where I got my medical degree from, Germany, Holland & USA.”

Talking on the marketing front Doctor cum Producer further adds, “Punjabis are omnipresent & moreover I have a tie up with many media associations in Canada who are our active partners in supporting & promoting the film keeping the core message intact of helping our community.”

We say thumps up to this producer who is a social worker in the true sense. He answers our modest question as to why the proceeds entirely be given to the NGOs, he explains, “In Canada the Govt. take care of all the medical treatment anyway & I don’t plan to buy aPorche or a Ferrari. Here I have taken Bollywood as a social project. I have put my heart & soul & I am working towards the finished project to be the best & entertaining though.”

Talking about Patiala Dreamz he summarizes, “This movie is not a regional but a part of Bollywood. It is entertaining, holds the grip & emphasized on the connection between the east & west.”

Quiet a multi- tasker we say! Anmol Kapoor deserves all the support for this brilliant idea.


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