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Anupam Kher lends his voice as Shakuni mama

The ace actor Anupam Kher has lent his voice to the character of Shakuni mama for the upcoming animated movie “Mahabharat’.

Jayanti Lal Gada’s animated film; Mahabharat has big names from Bollywood lending their voices to the characters.

The characters in the movie have been designed to match the personality and attributes of the Bollywood names doing the voice over so that there is co-ordination between what the audience will see and hear.

Shakuni who is believed to be an extremely intelligent but devious man is characterized for rubbing dice in his hands often.

Shakuni is perhaps best known for masterminding the infamous Game of Dice and hence Anupam Kher kept roaming with dice for a month before he started dubbing to get used to it.

A master of sorcery, it is said the dice used by Shakuni’s were made from his father’s thigh bones and hence generated any desired number and so even while he was dubbing he kept using the dice.

The movie is an attempt to allow children to be up to date with their holy scriptures and at the same time make the movie an enjoyable and pleasant experience.
Spokesperson says, ‘Anupam requested the makers of the movie to use the original sound of the dice generated during the dubbing of his character and not to create a sound mix of the same’.

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