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Gireesh Sahdev, Rachel White in Lips Dont Lie

Lips Don’t Lie is a four-Part anthology that released on Gemplex on 25th October 2020. It is a romantic thriller, directed by Madhur Agarwal which promises to be a spine chilling experience based on love and relationships with extraordinary twists. The individual stories from the anthology are titled after four super hit Raj Kapoor movies, and why they are named…

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Nikhil Bhambri Black Widows

Nikhil Bhambri of ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ fame says that the first day of shoot for ‘Black Widows’ was the most difficult thing he has had to do till date. The actor recently came back from Kolkata after completing the shoot. Talking about the first day of shoot actor Nikhil Bhambri says, “The first day was the most difficult day of…

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