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Vishal Vada Vala

“Raghu CNG is an attempt to try a suspense-thriller that would be a milestone in the Gujarati film industry,” revealed Vishal Vada Vala, the writer and director of this upcoming Gujarati film. Gracious to admit that his earlier movie ‘Fillam’ in 2015 received a lukewarm response at the Box Office, this budding director wants to exploit the digital format too,…

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Priyanshu Chatterjee in Officer Arjun Singh IPS

“Truth alone triumphs is the message of my forthcoming action-cop drama film – Officer Arjun Singh IPS Batch 2000,” announced Priyanshu Chatterjee who plays the Police officer. Interacting with the media on Wednesday, the 9th of October in Mumbai, Priyanshu Chatterjee points out that the film is focusing on the crucial social issues and the current state of the political…

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